Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part Two

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2015

Ah, the permanent shame of being first boot.

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As Rod is telling us his master plan for getting to the merge, Mike comes across a scorpion in a log. He sees it and thinks "protein." So, he cuts off the stinger and pops it in his mouth. Doesn't look like it tastes very good, but he gets it down. And then he tells the tribe, "when you guys are starving later tonight and I got a scorpion in my belly, don't be mad." But, I think the joke's on Mike. It takes mere minutes for him to start puking and he seems to be out of commission for a little while as he is NOT feeling good. He tells us that's how he looks at things. He sees an opportunity, runs at it and sometimes pays the consequences. "That's just weakness leaving the body," he screams as he puts his work boots on to go with his underwear.

It's been a while since we've seen the No Collars. They're all sharing coconut milk. Jenn tells us that she loves her tribe and everything is great. Vince has taken a liking to Jenn. She makes him comfortable, he says. He tells her that her smile and her big bright eyes attracted him to her right away. He's talking a final two pact with her and she tells us that she thinks he's playing a little harder that she expected him to. He goes on to tell her that he makes strong friendships and once he's done that, it's hard to break them. In confessional, she says that she's not sure she wants to be whatever he thinks she is, but that she needs allies early in the game. So, "Smile and nod" is the way she plans to handle Vince for right now. I wonder how long it'll take before it becomes "Surround and Drown."


Back at camp, it's shelter building time. Joe and Vince are in building mode, and Vince doesn't really know what he's doing while Joe does. Joe tells Vince that he thinks his idea is not a good one and they should do something else. He tells us that he doesn't like someone telling him what to do when he knows it's wrong. Vince doesn't appreciate Joe overruling him on the shelter and feels the vibe of the tribe might suffer because of it. For the record, I'm with Joe on this. Vince is a nutball. But more on that later.

We come back from break to join the Blues and something has happened while we were checking in on No Collar. Happy fun Dan has disappeared and been replaced with bossy douche Dan. He's not agreeing with the shelter plans and is amazingly condescending to the girls. And we hear from Kelly for the first time. She's a tough chick cop who isn't about to take any shit from Dan. He doesn't appreciate that they don't like how he's talking to them, so he decides to stop offering opinions at all. That doesn't go over well either. Rod talks to the girls about how they have to get rid of Harry Potter's grandpa.

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