Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part Two

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 27, 2015

Ah, the permanent shame of being first boot.

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We come back from break to a long overdue Probst Sighting! It's immunity challenge time. And this one is huge. The tribes will run down a platform through a huge pile of hay. They'll come to a locked box where they'll have to make their first choice. Use a ring of keys to open three locks or untie a bunch of knots? Once open, they'll pull two ladders out of the box and will have to carry them through a series of obstacles. Once through, they'll come up on their second choice. They have to climb to get puzzle pieces, but there are three different puzzles. One is five pieces, then 10 pieces and finally 50 pieces...each puzzle getting easier as the number of pieces grows. First two teams to finish their puzzle win immunity and reward. Rewards are a huge fire kit for first place and flint for second place. Third place - got nothin' for ya.

The teams take off and get to the locked box at about the same time. All three teams decide to use the keys instead of the knots. After a few minutes, all three teams switch out people and those people do the knots - So for White Collar, Mike for Blue Collar, Joe for No Collar. So absolutely tears through the knots and Mike is falling behind. And So gets all the knots undone and they take off with their ladders. Joe is right behind and they take off with their ladder. Mike is having trouble. As White and No are getting closer to the puzzle pieces, Mike finally opens the box and the Blues take off with their ladders. No Collar gets to the puzzle and chooses the 10 piece tree puzzle. White Collar takes the easiest puzzle with 50 pieces.


Jenn is working for No and Shirin is working for White. Jenn doesn't last long before she checks out and lets Joe take over. Oh yeah, and Blue Collar finally gets to the puzzle choices, but can't figure out how to climb up and get their pieces. The finally figure it out and the Blues go with the 10 piece puzzle. Joe is almost done with his puzzle and Shirin's lost on hers. And like that, No Collar wins the first immunity.

Shirin is struggling while Sierra starts for the Blues. Shirin finally checks out and lets Max in to work on the puzzle and Mike calls Sierra out. Mike wastes no time getting to work and it's not even close, Blue Collar wins immunity! White Collar headed to the first Tribal Council!! A couple notes here. For No Collar, Joe saved the day on the knots and the puzzle. He is a force to be reckoned with. With regards to Blue Collar, Mike tanked the team on the knots, but got the chance at redemption on the puzzle and he pulled it out. I really like White Collar's Shirin, but she killed her tribe. She bragged about being the puzzle person and she couldn’t figure out the simplest of puzzles. It's safe to say Shirin is in trouble.

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