Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Episode 14

This is My Time - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Viking

December 18, 2014

Wait 'til she finds out what I did to her toothbrush.

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We now join Baylor and Natalie firming up their plans for tonight. This conversation is amazing. Baylor asks Natalie about her idol and says, "Hey, I was thinking tonight, you're gonna play your idol, right...cause you have to. Play it for my mom." In my house, this is where you hear the needle scratched across the record. Really? Are you really THAT effing entitled? With a million dollars on the line, did you really just suggest that Natalie give the one assurance she has to your mother?? And you meant it???? That's a lot of balls right there. Even Keith couldn't handle that many balls. Anyway, Natalie never really commits to doing that, but kind of just nods. They discuss that everyone is voting for Jaclyn, except Jac...and she'll probably vote for Missy. Natalie tells us that she feels that she has made some big moves in the game, but she's not sure if they're big enough and if enough people know they were her moves. She suggests that getting rid of Missy or Baylor might be the big move she needs, but it could kill her chance of making the final three. But, without the big move she might not win in the final three. In her word, "Scary."

And we finally get to Tribal. Jeff begins by talking to Jaclyn. He asks how her game is different now that Jon is out. She says she has no one she can totally trust anymore. He asks Keith about the reactions at camp after Jon's boot. He said it was like a catfight, but his name never came up, so he's good to go. Jeff now asks Missy about idols. She says she's confident about the idol situation because she knows who has it. Jeff asks Jaclyn about that comment, and she and Keith had no idea there was an idol even out there. He then asks Missy if there's a concern about being the only pair left in the game. She feels they're in a danger zone, but she's confident in her alliance. Jeff asks Natalie what the mood at camp was like after Keith won immunity. She says that there was a lot of talk around camp and that Jaclyn came to her trying to cut a deal. Jaclyn admits that Keith was next to go if he didn't win. She knows it's her time now that he did win. When asked, Missy says she doesn't think there is anything Jaclyn can do to save her game. Basically she says Jaclyn should just accept it and say, "It's my time." Speaking of time, it is time to vote.

We see Baylor's vote for Jaclyn saying it was really fun playing with her and that it's nothing personal. We don't see Jaclyn's vote, but we hear her say, "Natalie told me to vote for you and that I can trust her." Hmmm, could there be something up Nat's sleeve? Jeff heads up to tally the votes. Does anyone have an immunity idol they want to play? Natalie takes a minute to dig through her bag of tricks (#TeamTV) and pulls out her idol to take to Jeff. As she walks up, she says, "I was going to play this idol for myself tonight, but idols are more fun when you play them for someone else." She turns to the players, "Jaclyn, did you vote for who I told you to vote for?" Why, yes...yes she did. "I'm playing this for Jac." BOOM!!! From the jury box, you can hear Jon saying, "I knew I liked her." Missy looks over and says, "I'm going home." Really? For the love of's NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!! Do you really feel that even on a broken leg you're THAT big of a threat?? For crying out loud, get over yourself. Oh yeah, sorry. First three votes are for Jaclyn and they don't count. Next two votes: Baylor.


And with that, Natalie has her big move. And everyone saw it. She could just have easily given Jaclyn the idol back at camp and told her to play it. But where are the theatrics in that? And how would the jury know that it was really HER idol and HER play. By doing it right there in front of the jury, there can be no doubt who made the move. Not since Parvati gave idols to Sandra and Jerri has there been a more perfect, timely use of an idol. I was very much anti-Twinnie coming into this season, but for me, she just won the game.

There's just one little thing...she has to make it past one more challenge and one more vote. And as much as I love this move, she most definitely put an amazingly huge target directly on her back. I'll go so far as to say that she pretty much has to win immunity if she wants to make it to the end.

And that's my time, kids! Thanks for playing with me tonight; it was good to be back in the saddle. David and Kim will be back to tie a nice bow around this season. Y'all take care!

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