Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Episode 14

This is My Time - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Viking

December 18, 2014

Wait 'til she finds out what I did to her toothbrush.

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2. Seriously, what’s with the idols? At one Tribal Council, a third of the players sitting there had a hidden idol. Really? Is that what we really want? And once a couple of those idols were played you inserted ANOTHER idol into the game? There's a saying, "too much of a good thing" found it and you pulverized it. Stop with the hidden idols, for crying out loud!

3. So, in the "pecking order" challenges, we can just discuss among ourselves who we want to win? That's how it goes now? In 29 seasons of Survivor, I've never seen Probst call a challenge based on his own "Are you frickin' kidding me?" reaction. And he was dead on to cancel it. Frankly, I'd have canceled the reward if I were in charge. Oh, you're not gonna play my game? Time for you to learn who the Gamemaker is! Related - please stop with the giving up of rewards. It's not nice, it's not altruistic. It's transparent and just annoying. Once again...what's the point of having reward challenges if the players are going to just decide who gets to go on the reward regardless of the results? And, while we're talking challenges, I used to complain about every challenge being the same: obstacle course followed by puzzle. Thankfully, they've limited those. Unthankfully, they've just replaced them with, as Ben Willoughby so eloquently put it, "the balance this thing on this other thing for a really long time" challenges. For real, there's a happy medium out there for challenges, I just know it!

4. And by all means, this is the most important one of all. STOP. STUNT. CASTING! And do not do another all newbies Blood vs Water season. Just don't. You had 18 people out there and maybe five of them knew how to play this game. And maybe three or four more actually wanted to play the game. The rest were just a waste of our, the viewers, time. This has been the worst example of Survivor play we've seen since the very first season when Pagong refused to vote together because they felt that was cheating the game.


Okay, let me break down my impression of the final five and then we'll get to the festivities!

Keith - First off, Keith is the same age as Jeff Probst. Swirl that around in your nugget for a minute. Second, Keith has no idea how to play Survivor. Third, he's got the best chance to actually win this season! An idol found Keith; he sabotaged his own alliance and is only in the game because Natalie decided to use him as a pawn to get revenge on Jon. However, Keith's son in on the jury and they are bro-ing down over at Ponderosa and I would give Keith a 75% chance to win this game if he makes it to the end. Against ANYBody.

Natalie - Of the remaining five, Natalie has played the best game. But in all honesty, that's like saying she's the tallest Washington General. Forced to go rogue after her sister and then her surrogate Twinnie, Jeremy, were voted out...Natalie has played a neurotic game that I can't quite follow. She wanted revenge on Jon for the Jeremy vote; so naturally, she talks him into playing his idol and saving himself. All this so she could hatch an elaborate plan to take out Jon by changing up a split vote (never a good idea - ask Tyson about it sometime). She saved Keith so she could use him to blindside Jon, whom she just saved from a blindside two Tribals ago. See what I mean? Sure, her plan with Alec/Keith/Jon worked, I guess. But what was the point of it? That being said, she's been a challenge beast and, in my opinion, is the most deserving in this, the worst final five in Survivor history.

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