Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Episode 14

This is My Time - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Viking

December 18, 2014

Wait 'til she finds out what I did to her toothbrush.

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Jaclyn - I like Jaclyn for the most part. She's had a really weird edit for me. We've seen a dozen talks between her and Jon where it is VERY clear that she's the brains of the couple. She has an uncanny read of situations, whereas Jon had NO read. And yet, with one notable exception, she ended up going with Jon instead of the other way around. It's all about him and his play and his speech at the final Tribal and even though it caused a tiff at camp...Jaclyn still ended up going with Jon. I had mad respect for her sniffing out situations and then lost it all when, against her better judgment, she went with the boyfriend. Not only does it show a kind of weakness, but it makes her look like a coattail rider to the rest of the players. She made the one decision to dump the boys. That was her. And why? Because the boys were too stupid to hang out and talk with the hot chick, who, by the way, was in their alliance. It was yet another example of stupid, horrible gameplay. When all is said and done, unless she has a killer final tribal speech OR is against Missy and Baylor - I don't see Jaclyn bringing home the prize.

Missy - I give Missy a 0% chance of winning this game and she still has a better chance than Baylor. I'm not 100% sure that she doesn't end up med-evac'd though. Either way, she's made some moves but has never been out front as the catalyst. She's not very liked on the jury as the guys don't care for her or her daughter. With all due respect, Missy - maybe it's you. Anyway, she and her daughter are perfect goats to take to the end, so the possibility that one or both of them will be sitting at the final tribal is very high.


Baylor - And that brings me to Baylor. Look, I'm sure she's a sweet girl in real life. But she's got herself into another Sticky Situation (YouTube'll thank me later). She had the opportunity to be a major cog in a dominant alliance with Josh, but shut him down so she could get in the back seat and let her mom drive. EVERYone out there saw that. Everyone out there knows that Baylor has done little besides follow Mommy all over this game. She's lazy at camp, entitled at challenges and completely 100% untrustable in this game. Looking at the remaining players, I see no scenario in which Baylor gets a vote from anyone but her mom. But I definitely see her sitting in the final three and her jury speech should be stunning.

My predictions at 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning: Keith, Natalie and Baylor in the final 3 and Keith is your winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Dumb vs Dumber. So...move over Fabio and Vecepia...there's likely to be a new worst winner in Survivor history. Now, let's get to the action!

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