Survivor: San Juan Del Sur - Episode 14

This is My Time - Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Viking

December 18, 2014

Wait 'til she finds out what I did to her toothbrush.

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We come back from break to Missy and Baylor taking a minute to talk about possibly being in the final three together. Baylor seems really excited for them to be so close to that outcome. Missy, in typical Missy fashion, reminds Baylor that the goal here is to win, not just make the final three. It almost sounds as though she has other plans about a final three, which would be pretty typical. We've seen all season long that Missy's wants/needs in this game have superseded Baylor's. You have to wonder if that's how it always is in their world. And for a second, just a small one, my Grinch heart grew a size and I actually feel kind of sorry for Baylor. After a little back and forth, they decide they want to go to the final three with Natalie. Missy tells us that since her foot is busted, she's pretty much out of all the challenges and it'll be up to Baylor and Natalie to not allow Keith and/or Jaclyn to win anything.

Cue our first official Probst sighting!! Today's reward challenge is a rough one. Each player will have a rope tied around their waist. They'll rush to an octagon shaped structure and have to untangle their rope. Once they think they have enough slack, they'll move onto a ladder-type bridge they need to assemble. Once assembled, they'll cross the bridge and finish up with the carnival game of knocking the pyramid of cans off a table. Wanna know what they're playing for? Today's reward is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. As we've seen in the past, the advantage is usually pretty solid and unless you’re Malcolm, it will pay dividends. Before we start, Missy agrees that she will not be able to compete, so Missy is out of the challenge.


There's not a lot to recap here. Keith, Natalie and Baylor untangle their rope pretty quickly while Jaclyn struggles. Again, at 6' tall, trying to navigate this little structure is just not easy for her. Natalie and Keith are pretty much neck and neck leading this challenge. As Keith heads back for the last three rungs of his bridge, Natalie heads back for her last bundle. However, her bundle is too big for her, so she has to split it in two. Keith gets his last three rungs in and gets to the carnival game while Natalie heads back to get her last three pieces. Keith starts throwing and delivers some huge shots. He's down to about three blocks on the table as Natalie begins throwing. The editing makes it seem as if Natalie is catching up, but the outcome was never really in question. Keith wins reward!! I guess now we'll see if the advantage they give his is really an advantage at all. Oh yeah...and don't forget. Keith has to send someone to Exile Island. Everyone but Missy has gone to Exile at some point, but her leg is busted. Keith wanted to send Missy, but just can't do it to her. So, he chooses Jaclyn. Wow, she's had a real shitty last 24 hours, hasn't she? As we head to break, Natalie tells us that she desperately wanted that advantage and that her entire goal right now is to stop Keith from winning immunity.

Now is time for a weird break where Jeff shows us what people on Survivor eat everyday vs. what normal people eat every day. This was a couple minutes of potential show wasted. I just don't get it. Anyway, after that nonsense and a commercial break, we join Jaclyn as she arrives at Exile Island. She checks for an immunity idol clue and it's the same clue everyone else has received...which means Jon's idol is NOT back in play. And now is when Jaclyn really lets it out. He dude is gone and she's stuck on Exile Island. She takes this time to break down a little. She tells us that Jon would tell her that it's only one night and to just "rock it out," so that's what she's going to do.

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