Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 6

Make Some Magic Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 29, 2014

You realize you got us both voted out, right?

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Previously on Survivor, the tribes were shaken up. One was made up of three couples and one singleton, while the other was five singletons and one couple. Something had to give, and in the last Tribal Council that something was Kelley. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t play poorly, but her father made enough enemies that the two of them were the Odd Couple when it came time for a vote.

Previews tell us that Dale will try to use his fake Immunity Idol to his advantage. Meanwhile, Dale’s tribemate Keith has an actual idol. If that group goes to Tribal Council again, it could get interesting.

We were also left on a bit of a cliffhanger last week, as Hunahpu played “Let’s Make a Deal” with Probst in order to get some food that they can, you know, live on. Probst said that he’d be visiting them later, and that they should be prepared to give up something significant. What could that something significant be? A mandatory trip to Tribal Council? It’s very hard to imagine what they might offer TV’s snarkiest host.

But… we begin at Coyopa, with that group returning from Tribal Council. Dale says it was as bad as it could get. He had to watch people “slaughter” his daughter right in front of his own eyes. That’s a little hyperbolic, but he does tear up when he talks about how proud he is of Kelley. Blood vs. Water makes for a really interesting dynamic in that there is always someone left behind when you vote out their loved one. Now, tribes are going to have to live with that person when they do that.


Since Dale knows he’s next on the chopping block, he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to keep from being voted out. He shows Jon his “Immunity Idol,” which obviously shocks the former football player, who buys the lie without even the slightest of doubt. It’s still not as bad as John Rocker believing an ally had two Immunity Idols over and above Rocker’s own idol, though.

Over at Hunahpu, they’re speculating about what Probst might do to them. “I hope he doesn’t tear down our camp,” says Alec. Jeremy is quiet amongst his tribe, but in confessional he says that he thinks they’re all idiots. If they can wait just one day and win the Reward Challenge, they might have a feast. Of course, without food, they’ll be weak for the challenge, so his counterparts are right to be concerned.

And here comes Probst with a big bag of rice on his shoulder. He’s such a manly man. Jeff tells the Hunahpu tribe to gather around so he can talk to them. When he asks how much rice they have left, Natalie shows him their empty bag. It’s basically a handful. He lectures them about their wastefulness (though to be fair, three of the people on this tribe had no part in overeating the supplies), saying that only one other tribe had ever run out of food before. That was during the season in Australia, which was Season Two, and they had what he calls extenuating circumstances. (In that season, he gave them new rice in exchange for their tarp and Colby’s personal item, a Texas flag.)

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