Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 6

Make Some Magic Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 29, 2014

You realize you got us both voted out, right?

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Probst quizzes them on why they allowed the situation to get so dire, and Reed explains that the former Hunahpu was full of strong personalities, and you didn’t want to get into an argument with one of those people or you might wind up with a target on your back. To his credit, Jeff asks the new Hunahpu members what they think, and Josh is disappointed and annoyed. They’d worked so hard to preserve their food, and now he’s suffering for other people’s incompetence. (We should note that “other people” does include his boyfriend.)

Jeremy makes the weird point that it wasn’t like Josh, Alec and Co. were coming to their camp to stop them from eating too much. Huh? How and why would they even do that? Has Jeremy ever seen Survivor? We’re starting to think not.

Finally, Probst gets down to it. “I gotta say, there has never been a tribe in the history of Survivor that has needed as much help as you guys have, and only 14 days in. First, you lose your flint. You lose fire – and have to trade your entire fishing reward to get a new one. And now, you’re completely out of rice, and you need help again. It’s not lost on me that the disproportionate amount of food you guys have had is probably a big part of the reason you guys have dominated in this game so far in the challenges.”

Here comes the hammer.

He has enough rice to last the rest of the game, but the penalty will be stiff. Here is Probst’s list of what he wants in exchange for the rice:

Bed roll
A pot
The extra flint


They will be left with a pot, a machete and a flint. Hunahpu is effectively starting over if they take this rice deal. The former Koyopa guys angrily start rounding up the comfort stuff to hand over to Jeff, while Reed says that the trade is totally worth it. That’s easy for him to say since he’s allied with Josh (obviously), who is also tight with Alec and Wes. The four of them are enough for a majority, and none of Natalie, Julie or Jeremy is going to have an easy time breaking through the grudge that will be borne against them.

Jeremy is pissed about this turn of events, while Julie is worried about being cold.

And we’re only just now getting to the opening credits.

It’s going to be a very Probst-y episode, because we’re headed straight into the Reward Challenge. Hunahpu would probably love to pick something up here to replace the bounty they just surrendered.

Seeing that Kelley was voted out, Natalie and Julie gasp. Clearly there was a small alliance there, and they’re realizing that some scrambling will be necessary if they do manage to survive as long as the merge.

We’re back to the old format of pitting one person from a tribe against an individual from the other tribe. Of course, we’re getting to the point now where there may not be a “loved one” to fight, so the concept loses something. When Probst shows that the prize will be a barbecue, including the grill and loads of skewers of food, Jeremy just shakes his head. This was exactly what he was thinking could happen. Of course, you also have to pin your hopes on the gameplay of a single person in your tribe. It’s basically a coin flip. The rice was guaranteed. And there was no Door #3.

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