Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 6

Make Some Magic Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 29, 2014

You realize you got us both voted out, right?

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It could get very interesting if this group does go to Tribal Council tonight, because they’re probably going to pivot the vote to Keith versus Dale at this point. He can play an actual Immunity Idol here, which means Baylor is the likely victim of Dale’s calculated gameplay. Anyway, that’s what it feels like the editors want us to believe.

Exile Island has Baylor and Natalie wandering around like hobbits looking for Mordor before they finally happen upon their camp area. Baylor gets the Immunity Idol clue and shares it with Natalie, who does in fact state that sharing information with Baylor was more important to her than some food challenge. (Of course it is. She’s been eating plenty of food up to now thanks to the old Hunahpu tribe’s profligate ways.) To her credit, she has figured out the obvious: she and Jeremy need to find the Idol. There’s one snag in that plan: Keith already has it unless they’ve buried another one since the tribe switch.

Hunahpu is whooping it up. Josh is a proud boyfriend and hugs Reed, which sets Jeremy off. To be fair, Jeremy seems to be easily riled. He’s got a persistent frown of consternation on his face and doesn’t hide his feelings well. He says that he thinks Josh and Reed are walking around like they own the place and hates their PDA. If Val were on the island with Jeremy, he says, you wouldn’t even know they were a couple because they’d stay so separate. We assume this is because Val gets tired of him badmouthing everyone and everything.


He does bring up a good point, though. Because Josh and Reed are a couple, they are more likely to be perceived as a threat. It would only take one person out of Wes and Alec to affect a change in the dynamic, and last week showed us that Alec is on about the same level strategically as his older brother. So we’re saying there’s a chance.

The tribe enjoys their meat skewers (and Alec claims to be a meat collector. We don’t know, either). Jeremy gripes some more about losing the tarp because obviously he just assumes they’re going to win every Reward Challenge and this time he was right so…

It’s getting cold and is about to rain. Jeremy is going to hold this grudge for a long time, even if they never win another challenge or see any other food again. They’re soaking wet pretty quickly, which past Survivor seasons have shown us is an absolutely miserable experience.

At least they’re smart enough to set up the grill and use it for warmth. It’s not enough for Julie, though. She starts crying and saying she isn’t sure if she can keep it up, which of course causes Jeremy to sneer derisively. Of course, she might be on the verge of blowing up his alliance. He says that’s fine as long as she just goes before he does. He’s just playing to make it to the merge.

Jeremy tries to give Julie a pep talk, but she says that she simply can’t deal with another night like the one they just had. Alec points out that the show is called Survivor and says if she can’t deal with it, she should go home. Since we’re not seeing much strategy at Hunahpu, I think it’s safe to assume that 1) They’re going to win the Immunity Challenge or 2) Reed+Josh, Alec and Wes are going to pick off one of the weaker group if they do go to Tribal Council.

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