Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 6

Make Some Magic Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 29, 2014

You realize you got us both voted out, right?

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Probst returns to host our newest Immunity Challenge. Hunahpu sits Julie (a prelude to eliminating her?), and the two tribes are off. First they most scale a wall as a group, and then move a heavy cube across the course to a spot where they will climb atop the cube to retrieve a bag. They’re even through the first bag, but soon Coyopa gets ahead when Jon is a lot better at bag retrieval than Jeremy (a prelude to eliminating him?).

Although Coyopa gets their pieces done and ready first, Josh and Reed are now working together to complete their final flag puzzle. Thy make a great team, and despite a solid lead for Jon, the brains of Reed and Josh take control. Jon tries to copy off of them, but that’s not a way to win the challenge.

Hunahpu wins Immunity. Again. Ho-hum.

It’s Day 15 at Coyopa, and Missy congratulates the group for their teamwork. Sure, sure. Keith mentions that he needs to get rid of Dale tonight, because that vote will set him on the path to reuniting with Wes. He also mentions his backup plan of the Idol, which he has wisely kept to himself. He asks Missy if he can go ahead and take a nap. She tells him yes, presumably so she can proceed to stab him in the back.


Dale comes up with one of the most nefarious strategies we’ve ever seen on the game of Survivor. He tells Jon that if they don’t vote for him tonight, he will give Jon his “Idol.” This is kind of brilliant. It allows him to hang around for at least three more days and then he can blindside Jon later. All he asks is that Jon take him to the merge.

This guy is evil in a fun way (as opposed to being evil in an evil way like John Rocker).

At least Jon is smart enough to realize that Missy has the most ties over at Hunahpu, so rather than make Keith his target, he’s going after her tonight (or so he says). He and Dale shake hands on their deal.

In confessional, however, Jon says that he hasn’t decided anything yet. We can only hope that his spidey senses are tingling (to complete the effect, Survivor shows us a big hairy spider crawling around camp). Rather than keep this info to himself, Jon runs to Missy, Baylor and Jaclyn to tell them what Dale has proposed. They decide that three people will vote Dale and two will vote Keith. Or will they?

Jon and Jaclyn sit on the beach together to discuss their options. They’re still in control of this ship. When Jaclyn is dubious about Dale’s idol, Jon tells her he believes it’s real. Before they go to Tribal, Jon states that he feels their best option is to align with Dale, with either Keith or Missy being the target for the vote. Their biggest concern is maintaining their “power couple” status into the merge, which probably leans toward a Missy vote.

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