Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 6

Make Some Magic Happen

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 29, 2014

You realize you got us both voted out, right?

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Probst points out that they can put up their strongest competitors since Blood vs. Water is no longer a thing. Hunahpu chooses Reed, while Coyopa chooses… Baylor? Oooookay. We suppose anything’s possible, but it seems an especially odd choice.

Both Reed and Baylor are blindfolded before being sent into an obstacle course. Reed gets through the first portion pretty quickly. He grabs his first bag of puzzle pieces and takes a moment to carefully feel the example puzzle that shows him what he’ll have to construct to win. Baylor takes a different approach, just grabbing her bag and heading back to the other side. It doesn’t really gain her any time, because Reed has soon caught up and is already feeling his initial set of puzzle pieces to see where they belong.

He’s back into the course before she is, and touching the sample puzzle once again before heading back. He’s got the course, down, so it’s easy for him to get well ahead of her. Now that he has two bags, he is feeling the pieces he has to see how they should fit together.

Baylor has her third bag and finally takes a moment with her puzzle before heading back. Reed is slightly behind, but is back with his pieces pretty quick. He gets off to an solid start, though he has a wrong piece in the puzzle. He realizes his error, though, and swaps out for the correct piece before asking Jeff to look it over. Reed! Wins! Reward! (For Hunahpu!)


Coyopa continues to suck in every possible way. Baylor is going to Exile Island, and Reed has to choose someone from his own tribe to accompany her. He says that he wants to send Julie so she can show John how much better she is than him at playing Survivor, but Natalie speaks up and says she wants to volunteer to go. She notes that Julie has already done her part in Reward Challenges, beating John head-to-head, but Natalie hasn’t really done anything yet. This is… an admirable stance for the lonely twin. We honestly don’t know how to feel at this moment. How about we go the cynical route and assume she’s only doing it so she can talk to Baylor about a potential merge alliance? Yeah, that feels better.

Reed agrees that Natalie can go ahead and go if she wants to volunteer. And yes, we hear from Missy (Baylor’s mom) that she has an alliance with Natalie, so perhaps this altruistic streak isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Whatever the case may be, Natalie and Baylor head off, Hunahpu gathers the spoils of their victory and the loser Coyopas walk back to camp with their heads hung low.

Thankfully, we’re back to the brisk episode pace this week. We spend a bit of time with Coyopa, where Keith is trying to fish. He’s getting some nibbles, but the fish are too small to even bother with.

Jon, Jaclyn and Missy are walking around together, and Missy is all excited to tell them about her alliance with Natalie. She gets shut down pretty quickly, as Jon tells them both that Dale showed him an Immunity Idol earlier. Missy’s face looks like she just sucked a lemon.

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