Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 4

We're a Hot Mess

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 15, 2014

Sorry, I just woke up. Who did you say was always sleeping?

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Previously on Survivor, our patience was rewarded. Two of the three people we despised before the season even began are gone, so as soon as Natalie joins her sister at Ponderosa, we’ll be able to watch the show and evaluate some real gameplay.

Yes, last week John Rocker was voted out (with an idol in his pocket), so Koyopa will be dealing with the fallout from that decision. Over at Hunahpu, Natalie will probably credit herself for this turn of events, which will hopefully mean that her tribe mates will get sick of her and vote her out as well. The preview indicates that her tribe will be looking to throw a challenge, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed! Actually, we’re generally against throwing challenge, but we’re willing to make an exception in this case.

The show gets right into it by throwing us right into Coyopa’s return from Tribal Council. Needless to say, Baylor is thrilled that she’s still in the game. Alec explains that they really weren’t winning anyway, so why not vote out the guy who’s a complete honking doofus? For his part, Dale figures that since he was left out of the voting strategy for the Rocker elimination, he’s probably in some trouble if they lose the next Immunity Challenge.

Hey! We’re going to spend a little time with Hunahpu tonight. (That’s probably a good indication that they’re going to Tribal Council.) Anyway, you know how that thing you lose is always in the last place you look? And is always the most obvious place you should have looked? Natalie finds the flint that Jon had lost. It’s sitting conveniently by the fire pit. The scary thought is that this tribe is beating the other tribe. Alec claims that the fact that they had to trade their fishing gear for flint means that he is “literally starving to death.” We’re pretty sure that no matter what contract you signed when you went on the show, the producers are not going to allow you to starve or die.


Amazingly, Drew doesn’t stop talking there. Kelley takes this opportunity to impersonate him. We don’t know how accurate it is, but judging from her tone, he has not shut up about losing the fishing gear for a while. And as we know from the previous episode, he also has a problem with narcolepsy. We do not see a showmance in the future for Kelly and Drew.

At this point Drew describes himself as the tribe leader, and is convinced that as the island’s Lincoln, he can persuade Jeff Probst to return the fishing gear. We can’t wait to hear that conversation. We also can’t wait for him to be voted off, which is funny because at the start of the episode we didn’t know which brother was Alec and which brother was Drew.

“Without me, these people would be nothing, you know?” says the guy who slept through the last episode.

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