Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 4

We're a Hot Mess

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 15, 2014

Sorry, I just woke up. Who did you say was always sleeping?

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And here’s Probst. He’s totally gonna turn the snark up to 11 when Drew asks him about the flint. The announcement that Rocker was voted off meets with a standing ovation. These idiots think it’s due to their influence. We picture them watching last week’s episode as they hang their heads in shame at how poorly they misread his position in the tribe. Then again, they’re probably just going, “Hey, look! I’m on the tee-vee!”

Julie takes a moment to be defensive about Rocker’s elimination, but she doesn’t have to worry too much about it, because Drew is already asking about trading the flint for fishing gear. In a nine-member tribe, we are not exaggerating when we say that five of them exchange looks about what an idiot he is. Throughout the mocking, he is saying that he is the only one with the courage to bring it up. All he needs is a jester’s hat to complete the effect.

Unlike Amazon, Survivor does not have a return policy. Probst tells him to put the flint away. We don’t know who Drew is, but he’s less popular than Congress. The rest of Hunahpu giggles with relief when Probst announces it’s time for the first challenge.

It’s another challenge where loved one fights loved one. Today’s bout features Jon versus Jaclyn. Each Survivor must toss a grappling hook to reel in three different bags full of balls. Once they’re retrieved, the contestant has to put a ball on one side of a platform and then jump on the other side to aim it toward a basket. Although Jaclyn gets out to an early lead, Jon soon laps her and has gotten a good ways ahead. There are five basket targets, and the final basket is like the one at the carnival that is rigged to make sure you don’t get the stuffed animal.


Eventually, they’re both down to the final basket. It takes several attempts, but Jon finally wins Reward for his tribe. After Probst quizzes Jaclyn on whether she can handle Exile Island (of course she can), Jon has to choose someone from his own tribe to go with her. Drew, who has hero complex, volunteers readily. Jon doesn’t hesitate to send him on his way. Hooray for a few hours without that guy!

To his credit, Jon is nice enough to try to choose a reward that will give something to Drew when he returns. This makes Kelley roll her eyes and sigh heavily. We’re starting to worry that Natalie won’t be eliminated this episode. C’mon, dummies!

We follow Hunahpu back to camp after their victory, and Jon is feeling a little guilty about sending his girlfriend to Exile Island with Drew because he figures Jaclyn is going to have to do all the work. The group asks Julie if she’s okay with Rocker being gone, and she says yes, because she’s now free to play her own game unencumbered. The look on Jeremy’s face says that he finds her guilty by association. Since she pretty much absolves Rocker for his bad behavior (past and during the game), we can’t really blame him.

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