Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 4

We're a Hot Mess

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 15, 2014

Sorry, I just woke up. Who did you say was always sleeping?

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Over at Exile Island, Jaclyn and Drew have found the idol clue, which Drew thinks is pretty sweet. Maybe he’ll actually, you know, look for it. The conversation then turns to the fact that Jaclyn has heard from Alec that Drew is a ladies’ man. He says that yeah, he is, and it’s kind of a curse.

“The fact that I’m a ladies’ man seems to work to my advantage, but I haven’t been trying to work that angle too much.” (That’s because all the girls on your tribe find you repulsive.)

But wait! There’s more. Drew yammers on about how he’s friends with Jon so he doesn’t want to flirt inappropriately with Jaclyn (though he’s very impressed that she was Miss Michigan). Then, when she starts talking about how she hopes Koyopa doesn’t lose again, Drew flat-out says that he plans to throw the next challenge because there are some snakes on his tribe that need to be eliminated. For Drew, snakes=girls. He probably thinks they’re snakes because they haven’t cottoned to his many charms. Jaclyn is Miss Michigan. Drew is Mr. Delusion.

We’re not even halfway through the episode and we’re already ready to play “It’s anyone but Drew.”

We visit Hunahpu’s camp again and thank goodness Keith is trying to find the idol. He thinks he’s too late to find it, figuring Jeremy has found it before him. So… Keith goes over to all of the other players and tells them that Jeremy has an idol. Then, all those other people turn around and go tell Jeremy that Keith told them that Jeremy has an idol. Since Jeremy thought he and Keith were allies, this makes him angry. He points out that Keith has been looking for an idol so it’s just as likely that the Louisiana firefighter has one himself. Maybe Drew isn’t in as much trouble as we thought he was.


Somehow, Keith decides that he ought to look around for the idol some more, and lo and behold, he finds it. Then, he says that he won’t tell anyone he has it, thereby demonstrating the same behavior that supposedly bothered him when he thought Jeremy had the idol. They’re weaving a complex web tonight.

It’s time to visit Koyopa, and we see Baylor and Alec fighting over who can hold the clue. She says that even though he’s two years older than her, he feels like a bossy little brother to her. We assume she means that it in a Lannister twins sort of way.

Alec reads the Immunity Challenge clue, which explicitly states, “a precision throw could keep you alive.” Gee, it sure would be nice to have a former Major League Baseball pitcher for this challenge. Well, maybe not John Rocker.

Besides obviously having a chip on his shoulder about Drew being lazy and never doing any chores when they were growing up as kids, Alec is also trying to position himself as the tribe leader. Much like Drew, his tribe mates don’t seem to be having any of it – or at least Baylor doesn’t. She’s the only one he’s really trying to lead.

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