Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 3

Actions vs. Accusations

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

October 13, 2014

His Survivor playing is bad and he should feel bad.

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Tribal Council has a lot more discussion designed to make us think that maybe Baylor is getting voted out. Jaclyn states that she thinks the alliances are shifting, while Wes and Josh both state that they're very comfortable with where their alliance stands. The women do act confident enough of their position that Rocker should probably play his idol here, but his reactions don't look like those of a guy who is nervous about his position...

...And lo and behold, when Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol, Rocker holds tight. Dale and John vote for Baylor, while the rest of the tribe votes for Rocker.


"I had a damn idol right in my pocket, too." As we said earlier, if there is anyone who is likely to be voted out while still holding an idol, it's John Rocker.

For his part, Rocker's farewell speech is a pretty decent display of sportsmanship. He says he had a good time playing the game and that he'll just enjoy the idol as a souvenir. How anticlimactic. On the plus side, two of the three people who made us not want to watch this season have been eliminated after three episodes - and Natalie is not exactly making friends and influencing people. Isn't it about time for Hunahpu to throw a challenge so they can vote her out?

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