Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 3

Actions vs. Accusations

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

October 13, 2014

His Survivor playing is bad and he should feel bad.

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In today's Reward Challenge, the reward is either tarps and blankets or the fishing gear that Hunahpu gave up last time. It's Keith versus Wes in a challenge that combines speed and precision. They basically have to walk across a balance beam and use a big pizza paddle to pick up a set of wooden pieces that they will then stack at the other end. Early on, Keith has a lead, but Wes makes a move and jumps ahead. Soon, Keith has dropped one of his pieces, which gives the younger Louisiana fireman an opportunity to get the win for his tribe. Keith is going to Exile Island for a second time, which brings about some tears from both father and son. When it comes time for Wes to choose a tribemate to send to Exile Island, he chooses Josh because he feels like his dad can bond with him. This is a fairly savvy move and shows that Wes is thinking ahead a little bit. Koyopa will take fishing gear home with them since he won reward.

As they leave, John whispers to Jeremy, "I did everything I could, brother. I swear to you." Jeremy thinks this is... untrue. We do wonder what Jeremy is thinking now that he's watching the show and realizes that Rocker was telling the truth and things just spiraled out of his control. Anyway, Jeremy states that he's out to get Rocker now.

Back at Hunahpu, Julie goes off by herself to cry, which gives the rest of her tribe the chance to go off on Rocker. Jeremy tells them that he shook his hand and said he'd save Val, but that he clearly lied. He then goes on to inform them about Rocker's checkered past. He says that he was a former pitcher for the Braves who said a lot of racist and homophobic stuff, and that up to now, he'd given Julie the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately for her, she's just collateral damage in Rocker's poor gameplay (and karmic retribution).


We check in over at Exile Island, which Josh says "sucks." They pick their idol clues, and Keith is smart enough this time to suggest that they share their information. Josh gets the blank, but it doesn't matter much. They both read the clue together and Josh instantly realizes that Rocker probably has an idol. They both figure that Jeremy does as well, although they'd be incorrect in this deduction (so far, at least).

A humorous exchange occurs wherein Josh talks about how much he's enjoying meeting someone from a different walk of life, while Keith says that Josh may be "a good ol' boy, but he's not my good ol' boy." It's an interesting generational difference to observe. Keith's son Wes is already pretty close to Josh and considers him one of his closer friends and allies in the game. Meanwhile, Keith is worried about Josh "spooning" him. Whenever people say things like this, we presume they're worried they'll like it too much.

Koyopa is enjoying the fruits of the Reward Challenge, as Rocker catches them some fish. It's only a momentary happiness, though, because Baylor starts playing up Rocker's negativity to the younger guys. They agree that he's a ticking time bomb to her face, but then say that she's next on the chopping block when she's not around. The editing in this episode is working hard to have us believe that Baylor is the next person voted out. Almost 30 seasons of watching Survivor tells us that's not true.

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