Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 3

Actions vs. Accusations

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

October 13, 2014

His Survivor playing is bad and he should feel bad.

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We hate that CBS is getting exactly what they wanted out of the John Rocker casting thus far.

The Coyopa tribe returns from Tribal Council on night six, and Baylor is worrying that her position in the game is not safe. She thinks that perhaps Josh is using her as a human shield rather than teaming with her as a true ally. Honestly, it's pretty tough to imagine her getting a deep run in the game considering that her name does come up in every vote. Josh may even be loyal to her, but he's got the Bro alliance to consider as well.

We cut to Rocker complaining about Val and how he told her to play her idol. Why didn't she play her idol? That's right, John Rocker is still too dumb to have figured out that she never had one in the first place. Jeff Probst should be ashamed of himself for casting Rocker instead of a real fan of the show. Rocker doesn't even have rudimentary gameplay skills.

Speaking of which, Josh takes this opportunity to describe how the last Tribal Council vote unfolded. When he realized that John Rocker was walking around with Val, someone he'd never really talked to before, Josh knew something must be up. After determining that Val and Jaclyn planned to vote for Baylor, he decided that Rocker was up to no good, which definitely gives him doubts about a continued alliance with the former pitcher. At the same time, he ruthlessly states that Baylor and Jaclyn are probably next on the chopping block. Josh is an extremely utilitarian player. He only evaluates people in terms of their usefulness to his game.


Hunahpu is so bored with the game so far that they're talking about the weather. They're weaving a better roof as they worry about an impending storm, but Drew can only handle a few minutes of work before he has to lay down and take a nap. Let's just say that the tribe does not respond favorably to his laziness. Has a narcoleptic ever won Survivor before?

Naturally, remaining Amazing Race twin Natalie jumps in to criticize Drew, pointing out how self-centered he is. This is like Nic Cage criticizing the film choices of other actors. More important from a game perspective, Drew appears to have so little respect among his peers that we could see him being voted off instead of Natalie if his group ever goes to Tribal Council - which it won't, because John Rocker.

It's already time for a Probst sighting! And Jeremy is shaking his head the moment he sees that his wife has been voted out on the other tribe. He tells Koyopa that it's pretty clear that the guys have an alliance and are just voting off the women, and that they should do something about it. (Of course, they really don't have numbers at this point, so we're not really sure what they're supposed to do other than scramble.)

John Rocker starts talking, and it's a textbook example of how not to play Survivor. He tells Jeremy that he knows he gave him his word about keeping Val in the game and says that he tried to sway his alliance so the vote would go a different way. These comments only confirm Josh's suspicions that John had gone outside the alliance, and all the Bros react with shock and annoyance. Over at Hunahpu, Jeremy is shaking his head in disbelief. With one stupid move, Rocker has alienated both tribes. He didn't need to smooth things with the other tribe at this point, and he could have thought of some sort of plausible story by the merge to smooth things over. We suspect that his vision for this season was that he could redeem himself by playing the game with honesty and integrity. It... hasn't worked.

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