Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 3

Actions vs. Accusations

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

October 13, 2014

His Survivor playing is bad and he should feel bad.

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Julie is asked why everyone is so mad at her boyfriend. She sincerely believes it's because he is the mastermind orchestrating everything. If her tribe honestly believes that, we still expect a Koyopa player to win despite their dwindling numbers, because good lord, that's stupid. If John Rocker played chess against a monkey, the monkey would checkmate him and then eat three of the pawns.

After several moments of persecution, Rocker eventually gives John Rocker haters exactly what they want. "If you were a man, I would knock your teeth out," he tells Natalie. This is the moment where Julie re-evaluates all her life decisions. Well, the most recent moment, anyway. He later adds, "Take all the stuff down; let's fight."

For once, Probst is speechless, and we're pretty sure that John Rocker just talked his way out of Survivor. While that part makes us happy, we are sickened by the thought that Natalie will believe it happened because of her. No matter what the cause, several participants grew extremely uncomfortable at Rocker's threat of physical violence towards a woman - and rightfully so. Probst gave Rocker just enough rope to hang himself, and that's exactly what happened. The awkward moment we just experienced is exactly what the Survivor producers intended when they cast not only Rocker but also the Anderson twins. As we said in the first recap, it's also exactly why we didn't want to watch this season. When did Survivor become a show about loathsome people behaving badly?

Reviewing this episode from the perspective of John Rocker as a player, he has acknowledged that he tried to ruin his alliance's voting strategy last week. He tried to suck up to someone whose opinion of him is utterly irrelevant right now (twice). And he has threatened physical violence against several opponents. Stating the obvious, it's time to play "It's Anyone But John Rocker."


And the production team immediately goes back to the "We swear it's Baylor. We wouldn't lie to you" approach. For her part, she thinks that the other tribe put on kind of an embarrassing display with the way they screamed at Rocker.

Meanwhile, Rocker continues his terrible gameplay by going to just about everyone on the island and trying to make voting plans. With Baylor and Jaclyn, he discusses voting out Dale. With the Bros, he talks about voting out Baylor. We don't even know what he's hoping to accomplish here. When he goes to Josh, his "ally" makes an excuse about needing to go get in the saltwater to stop the bleeding on some wound from the challenge. In confessional, Josh, who we mentioned has been pragmatic in just allying with people who are useful to him, says that he's rethinking whether he's even willing to work with Rocker anymore. He's just not comfortable with what Rocker stands for.

In fact, Josh goes to Wes and Baylor to set up the Rocker vote. For her part, Baylor is thrilled. Alec hems and haws about how Rocker is a physical asset, but let's be honest. Despite Hunahpu's belief that Rocker is running the Koyopa tribe, it's Josh and Wes who are driving this boat.

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