Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2014

They wouldn't have voted her off if she'd kept wearing the hat.

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We come into Tribal and Jeff starts off with Spencer. He asks about the pressure of needing to win the challenge and the fact that he's at Tribal empty handed. Spencer admits to being pretty helpless at this point. Tony mentions that after the challenge, Spencer came to him warning him that his alliance might be coming for him, specifically Jefra. So, with his usual flare for the dramatic, Tony pulls out his normal idol and puts it around his neck. He says that he doesn't plan to be blindsided. Jefra says that it was because of the LJ situation. She says it made her mad and she'd be lying if she said otherwise. Kass suggests that Jefra is having a hard time because she was left out of the plan. Tony says, once again, that you can't tell everyone about a blindside, especially someone that might blow your cover.

Jeff then asks Tony if he's surprised that this alliance has managed to stay together. He says that it's all they have, to stick together and take this alliance to the final five. Jeff then suggests to Spencer that this is exactly what he has to hope for. He says that chaos is great. He's the one going home tonight, so the only thing chaos can do is help him, at this point. Jeff asks Kass about the possibility that the dysfunction within their alliance may cause one of her alliance mates to make a mistake tonight. She says there's always the possibility that someone will make a mistake. She says that people's heads are spinning and there's a ton of paranoia around right now.

Jefra agrees that paranoia is all around them. She says that it makes sense that Spencer, who's clearly on the bottom, would do something to try to break apart the alliance. Jeff asks Spencer about how he'll feel if tonight is his night. He says he feels he played the game hard and he played it well. If he goes home tonight, he can feel proud of the game he's played. He does mention, though, that windows open and close in the game of Survivor, and that a window may be closing right now. If they pick him off and then Tasha next and they end up in fourth or fifth place, they made a mistake at this vote tonight. "The most common reason people lose this game is not making the move they should have when they could have because they got too comfortable." He may as well have finished that sentence with, "You hear that Tony... they're coming for you, dude! They're coming!!!!!"


I absolutely love this speech by Spencer and he's absolutely 100% right. However, the person that screwed up that rule was Jefra last week. The game can be lost this week, but it's the flipping that could lose the game rather than standing pat. Can't wait to see how this shakes out.

It is time to vote. We see Kass vote for Spencer talking about how she saved him once but won't save him again. I'm trying to figure out where all the anger toward Spencer comes from. Wasn't Kass the one who completely screwed Spencer's game and not the other way around? We also see Spencer's vote for Jefra, saying that the moral of the story is to actually play the game before you get played. Now that I agree with. Jefra had the chance to stake a claim for the million last week and blew it. Even if she lasts through this vote, she will be lucky to get one vote for the million. And it looks like those are the only votes we'll see tonight. Jeff's gonna go tally the votes now.

As you would expect, the first five votes alternate between Spencer and Jefra. Spencer three, Jefra two. The sixth vote will tell it all. And it is...Jefra. And there's the wave of confusion coming over the faces of Trish, Jefra and Kass. Uh oh... someone didn't stick to the plan. And the 11th person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan - Jefra. Spencer lives to see another day and Tony may have just cost himself a million bucks. Of everything he's done in this game, this is the move that most mirrors something Russell Hantz would do. Jefra talked about voting him out, so it becomes personal and at the risk of his own game, he'll dump her to settle a score. I've been impressed with Tony so far, but when he fails to win the million dollars, he'll need only look back at this moment as the reason he lost. Now, what can be debated here is how much Spencer's constant chatter in his ear might have pushed him over the edge into this bad decision. As it is, Tony might be stuck with a Woo, Spencer, Tasha alliance until the end now and I'm not sure he can beat any of them at the final Tribal. He's going to have some serious work to do when he gets back. If he can get Trish and Kass back on board, he has the goats he needs to take to the end. Any other way and I'm afraid Tony screwed his long-term game for a short-term high.

Next time on Survivor: it would seem that everyone is getting tired of Tony. Kass tells him that maybe she will write his name down. He tells her to do it and she's going home next. Then they suggest that even Woo is down with voting out Tony. Ermehgerd! Not Woo!! At any rate, knowing what we know about the Tyler Perry idol, they can all vote for Tony but it will make no difference. The question will be, "Who does Tony want to send home?" By the look of that 27 second preview, Kass might be the target next week, finally! Keep an eye out for the new Power Rankings on Tuesday and then next week's recap on Thursday. Until then, take care!

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