Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2014

They wouldn't have voted her off if she'd kept wearing the hat.

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So, Tony takes his idea to Spencer. He tells Spencer that he's willing to work with him to vote out Jefra, but that he's not telling Trish and he's not telling Kass. He has told Spencer and Woo and he needs Spencer to take it to Tasha. Spencer tells us that he's pretty excited that his plan with Tony seems to be working. Spencer tells Tony that he'll try talking to her. He says that she keeps telling him she wants him to stay, but he doesn't know. He tells us that he's 100% convinced that Tasha will do what's necessary to keep him in the game. So we join Spencer as he tells Tasha the news. He tells her that Jefra is the vote. He tells her that Tony and Woo don't trust the girls and they're ready to make a move.

Tasha's response to him, "What the hell did you do? For two or three more days, I'll vote for Jefra." And there you have it. If you can count on Tony to keep his word, the Brains may have just gotten an amazing break in this game - actually, their second amazing break after the LJ vote a couple weeks ago. Spencer gets back to Tony to tell him Tasha is in and he tells us that he's excited at the possibility, but if Tony goes back on his word, he's out of the game. So he heads out to try to find the super idol.


Back at camp, Tony is wondering where Spencer is. He figures Spencer must be looking for an idol. He tells us that it's concerning to him that when he came up with a plan to save Spencer that he's still out looking for an idol. Tony tells us that he's rethinking things now as Jefra is not a threat to win this game but Spencer is a huge threat. He says that the game is making him crazy. And as they prepare to head to Tribal, Tony is still rolling it around in his head. Change the game and keep the bigger threat alive? Or stay with the alliance and run the risk of two guys being voted out next. Either way is risky.

Now is as good a time as any, I guess, to mention how useless it is to vote out Jefra right now. Don't get me wrong, Jefra is a sweet girl. Probably the single most genuine and the nicest played on this entire season. That being said, she is the one person out there (other than Kass) that has no chance at winning this game. If you're going to take the risk of keeping Spencer in the game, you have to do it with a bigger fish in mind. Trish should be the vote here, if you really want to change the game. Frankly, while I love the idea of Spencer lasting another week, I think Tony's move here is a bad one no matter who he chooses to vote out. With two idols in your pocket, you can afford to stick with your alliance. As it is, he's needlessly pissing off two people in is alliance and possibly losing two votes on the jury. There's no logic behind making this move if he, indeed, makes it. I don't know...I think the whole Jefra thing is a smokescreen to give us hope that Spencer will get to stay in the game.

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