Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2014

They wouldn't have voted her off if she'd kept wearing the hat.

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We come back from break to hear all the eaters complaining about being sick. Tony is trying to explain to the tribe that having that advantage may not mean anything since he didn't get to eat. Spencer tells us how much of a disappointment the auction was. Kass tells us that she doesn't care at all that Tony was the one to bid against Spencer. She's also very giddy at seeing Spencer be dejected after not getting the advantage. Yet again, this is why people don't like you. You revel in other people's misery. It's not funny. It's not cute. It's mean. And Survivor nation will cheer when you finally get voted out.

The next scene we see is the girls and Woo in the shelter talking about how full they are, as Tony looks on. He tells us he's disgusted that his alliance would just leave him as the only one to defend against Spencer and Tasha getting an advantage. A little later, as the girls are lying around in the shelter (again? or maybe still?), Tony asks who will watch the fire while he goes to get water. Or if they'll get water while he watches the fire. They actually act as if he's not even speaking. After asking a second and third time, Trish finally gets up to help out. Of course, this gives Tony the time to check his advantage. Turns out it's not the typical challenge advantage, but a clue to a hidden idol. And not some random clue that puts you in the neighborhood of the idol, a clue that directs you right to where the idol is buried. It mentions a big white tree by the beach. For quite a while, Tony searches but comes up empty on the big white tree.


As he searches on the beach, the ladies have migrated from the shelter into the water. The discussion is about Tasha, from the Midwest, not having much experience with the ocean. She tells us that her plan is to be seen talking to the other girls to try to put the fear of an all-girl alliance in Tony's head. She says if you light a fire under him, he'll spark. Tony's back at camp now talking with Spencer about the girls out in the water. They agree that Tasha is socially dangerous out there. And right here is a nice subtle example of how well Spencer knows how to play this game. He says to Tony, "You're not worried about that girls thing actually working, are you?" I point this out because it accomplishes SO much with just one question. First, if Tony wasn't thinking about an all-girls alliance, he is now. Second, if he was already thinking about it, Spencer just confirmed it's possible. Third, Spencer left the whole thing right in Tony's hands. As if to say, I'll work with you if you want to do something about that. Very subtle and very smart.

The conversation continues with Spencer telling Tony that when the talk came to Jefra wanting to vote him out, they were not lying to him. Jefra was with them, but then switched back. You can actually see the paranoia coming out of Tony. He wants to know when and Spencer takes him back to the reward from last episode. Spencer then tells us that he's trying to plant a seed of doubt in Tony's head. He says that if he can make Tony paranoid, it's gold. He is doing whatever he can to make someone in power make a mistake. As they talk, Tony starts talking his way into believing everything Spencer is saying. Tony tells us that he's not so sure he should believe Spencer, but he'll look into it. Even as he talks to us, you can see him changing his own mind. It makes sense that the four girls would look to take out the four guys now. He's the biggest threat, so it makes sense that they would want to blindside him. By the end of his confessional, he seems to have convinced himself that something is afoot and he needs to take matters into his own hands. Score one for Spencer. He's planted a "Spencer seed" in Tony and it's growing like a weed.

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