Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2014

They wouldn't have voted her off if she'd kept wearing the hat.

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After the ribs sell, Jeff asks the group what's going on and why they aren't bidding. Tony says he's waiting on an advantage in the game. Spencer and Tasha admit they're doing the same thing. With this, Jeff decides to just get to it. He pulls up the advantage clue and then explains the new rules. This is no longer a first come, first served item. The first person to yell out $500 will not get it. If they want to get in, the highest bidder will win. If more than one person bids the maximum, they're buying in for A CHANCE to win this item. All people paying the max will pull a rock out of a bag. The person that draws the black rock will win the item. The person(s) who draw the white rock(s) will get a white rock.

Instantly, Tony and Spencer bid $500 to get in. Tasha also... um, wait a minute. Tasha decides NOT to get in on this? Are you kidding me? You've waited this entire time for an advantage in the game. You've passed up on Mexican food, steak sandwiches, candy, popcorn and a plate of beautiful ribs... to get to this moment. And then you don't get in?? Now, I love me some Tasha... I'm down with the 314. But this makes NO sense to me whatsoever. If you're going to deny yourself food to get an advantage, you have to take a shot to get the advantage. Not to mention, if you're in the game, there's now a 66% chance your alliance can benefit from the advantage. If you stay out, it's now 50-50. Of all the bad decisions made so far this season, this one is easily the most baffling.


With that, Spencer and Tony come up to pull their rocks. With a good luck handshake, they hand over all their cash. They admit to Jeff they had no intention of ever bidding on any food and they reach in the bag to pull their rocks. They put their palms out and after a countdown they open their hands and as you would expect, Tony has the black rock and gets the advantage. Seriously, is there anything in this game that hasn't gone Tony's way? Even the random rock pick goes his way. I'm not sure we've ever seen a streak of luck like the one Tony is on right now.

And for all of his knowledge of the game, Spencer has maybe the worst luck of anyone I've ever seen. He's making all the moves and making all the right plays... and that Survivor bounce just will not go his way. Now, he has been saved from the jaws of defeat a time or two, but it's been by someone else's play, not his own. Luck has always played a role in Survivor, but I'm not sure it's ever been this big of a factor before. Oh yeah, and after that item, the auction is over. So Tash goes back to camp with $500 and no items at all. As they head out, she tells us that she was hoping that there would be one more item, like a clue to a hidden idol back at camp. She was thinking she would let the boys fight over that advantage and then be the only one with money left when Jeff produced the last item. Yeah, I've never seen two advantages handed out at one auction. That was just a bad play all the way around.

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