Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 10

Chaos Is My Friend

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 5, 2014

They wouldn't have voted her off if she'd kept wearing the hat.

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We come back from break to more amazing sea life footage. I haven't mentioned it yet this season, but now is a good time. Survivor's photography is some of the best nature footage on the planet. These exotic locations with beautiful tropical fish are amazing. They really could cut out a couple minutes of nonsense and give me some more nature shots. Oh yeah, the game's still going on. The girls are STILL in the water. Now they're talking about Spencer. Kass tells us that she's really happy that tonight's Tribal will be so easy. Whichever of Spencer or Tasha doesn't win immunity will be going home. Back up at camp, Tony and Woo are checking in on a crab they were saving to cook. It doesn't look like the crab is still alive, so the question of the day is, "Is it still okay to eat it?" I don't know; let's ask the girls. The girls suggest he should cook it. Of course, there's no water boiled. So he'll have to get water, start a fire and boil the water. Jefra hollers up that he needs to cook it pretty soon so as not to waste it. With everything else in Tony's head, this is just another sign that the girls are together. He's annoyed that none of them will get off their butts and help AND he sees it as them bonded together against him.

Before he does anything else, he decides to head out and get that idol again. He finally finds the big white tree and subsequently, the hidden idol. So quick scoreboard check: Tony has the numbers, the Tyler Perry idol and a new normal idol. So by my estimate, he is down to the final five at worst. When he gets back to camp, he shares the idol with his alliance. He tells them that's what the advantage was and that this is a community idol for anyone in the alliance that may need it. He tells us that the plan behind revealing the idol was to scare the girls away from voting for him. He wants them to know that if they choose to go after him, he has an idol and it won't work. And with that, it's time for a...

Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge is an obstacle course of sorts. Each player must dig in the sand inside a ring, where they will find the end of a rope. This rope is buried under the stand and has five bags attached to it at random intervals. The player will have to pull the rope out of the ground until they have all five bags. Inside each bag is a ball. Once they untie the bags and have all five balls, they will take them to a table maze. First person to get all five balls through the table maze into their slots wins immunity. Survivors ready! Spencer, Woo, Tony and Tasha are the first ones to get all five bags. Jefra is catching up, but Kass and Trish are pretty well out of it. Tasha is the first one to get her balls to the maze and lands the first ball. She lands her second ball before anyone else is even on the maze. Woo and Tony land their first ball as Tasha gets #2 to the end. Woo lands his second and third as Spencer lands his first. This is shaping up to be Tasha against Woo for the necklace. Tasha lands #4 and takes the lead. One ball left. Woo lands #4, but he's pretty far behind Tasha. Trish and Kass, by the way, never even got to the maze portion of this challenge. Oh yeah, and Tasha wins her third immunity in a row!!!


With Tash winning immunity, that means it's time to play, "It's anyone but Spencer." We start with Tasha telling us about immunity. She says that every day people are reconsidering alliances and that she plans to keep talking to the girls in hopes that Tony will freak out. If he does, it could be good for her and Spencer. As Spencer and Tasha go to get water, the alliance gets together to decide who the vote is. Naturally, they all agree it's Spencer. Tony tells us that his plan was really to get Tasha out tonight. That way his alliance stays together and he evens everything at three girls, three guys. With Tasha winning and Spencer the likely vote, he could be in trouble. He shows us the math, much better than Brad Culpepper did by the way, and his concern is a 4-2 disadvantage if they vote out Spencer. He tells us that he feels like he has to turn on someone in his own alliance. Since she was out to get him, he decides that person should be Jefra. With visions of changing the game dancing in his head, he's off to talk to Woo.

Tony asks Woo if he feels like changing up the game and voting out Jefra. Woo agrees but you can see he's confused. Tony tells him if they vote off Spencer, they're done. He then asks Woo, "Why?" And then it clicks, because it'll be four girls against two guys. And even though he was already on board for whatever Tony said, Woo is REALLY on board now. First, Woo tells us how brilliant Tony is as a player and then brings the comedy. "Nine times out of 10, we're clicking on the same level. We looked at each other and we knew exactly what the game plan was." Seriously? Now, you all know I love me some Woo, but the look on his face when Tony said, "Jefra" was complete bafflement. He had no idea where this was coming from. He gets it now, but he most definitely didn't then. But, if it makes him feel better to think that he's in on the decision making, I guess more power to him. And Tony. Tony tells us his concern is that he can't tell Trish and Kass about this move, so he has to include Spencer (easy sell) AND Tasha (not so easy sell, what with the girls’ alliance and all).

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