Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 9

Sitting In My Spy Shack

April 24, 2014

He's the lamest model since Derek Zoolander.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to another "anything can happen" episode of Survivor: Cagayan. I'm still reeling from last week's stunning boot of LJ. Like seriously, I really didn't see it coming and it's been a long time since I could say that. Other things of note from last week, Spencer survived WITH an idol in his pocket. My girl Tasha killed it at the immunity challenge. Tony and Woo flipped to join the Spencer/Tasha/Jeremiah alliance. Trish and Jefra are in a world of hurt. And Kass? Is anyone paying any attention to her anymore? I kinda think not.

Those of you who are tired of Tony seem to be in for a painful episode as the #spyshack comes into play tonight, so it figures to be a Tony-centric episode. Previews suggest Jefra really takes LJ's ousting hard and we might finally see some kind of emotion out of the laid back country girl. The bummer for her is that when you come back from Tribal pissed AND without numbers, you could be the next to go. However, when the episode title is so squarely about one person, it could signal the beginning of the end for #teamtv Tony. So, I guess what I'm saying is that we ought to watch the episode and see what happens.

We join the players as they arrive back in camp after the LJ vote. As expected, emotions are running high. Especially with Jefra. Woo and Tony fess up to flipping. Tony tells them that he just couldn't tell them about LJ because they like him too much. Trish tells us that she thinks Tony did the right thing by keeping it to himself and Woo and that she still trusts him completely. I'm sorry...I had a blindside in my ear...did she say she trusted Tony? I rewound and yes, she said it. He goes on to tell them that this was a one vote thing and the alliance is fine. Jefra is concerned about being on the bottom of that alliance, but Tony says there IS NO bottom of the alliance. Spencer starts chiming in about how every time people are promised the final six, it never seems to work out. He tells us that he likes people he can predict and that Tony is the ultimate in unpredictability. He, Tasha and Jeremiah are three strong and he plans to track down a couple stragglers to bring along with them to take out Tony.


The next morning finds Tony out in the woods creating a new spy shack around the water well. He says that people always go to talk strategy by the water well. So, he now has a setup to hear what everyone is saying. And just like that, Trish and Jefra are "caught". Jefra doesn't trust Tony one bit and she doesn't want to be blindsided by him. Trish calms her down by saying that the alliance is still strong and she shouldn't worry about it. Jefra pushes that she just doesn't trust the way Tony went about the LJ boot. Tony hears all of this and tells us that he trusts Trish, Woo and Kass. Otherwise, he doesn't trust anyone else.

After break, it's time for a Probst sighting! Today's Reward challenge will have the players divided into two teams of four. They'll race out in the water to collect paddles with letters on them. Then two people will come back and spell the correct phrase with the paddles. First team to spell the phrase wins Reward. They'll be swept away to one of the more beautiful sites where they'll have ribs, cookies and a feast. The teams are broken down like this: Tasha, Jeremiah, Spencer and Jefra vs. Trish, Kass, Tony and Woo. No matter who wins today, Spencer and Co are going to have a whole bunch of time with Jefra.

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