Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 9

Sitting In My Spy Shack

April 24, 2014

He's the lamest model since Derek Zoolander.

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The Tony/Woo team jumps out to the early lead and has a couple more paddles than the Spencer/Tasha team. But wait, Tony drops a couple paddles in the water and has to jump out to get them. They cannot continue until he gets back in the boat. Both teams are neck and neck as they get to the last couple of paddles. Tony makes up all the time he lost and his team gets all their paddles first. Once Spencer gets the last paddle, they're both headed back to the beach. Woo and Kass will solve for their team against Spencer and Tasha. The teams are almost exactly tied at this point. Kass thinks she's figured out the phrase "Worth Fighting For." Spencer and Tasha see what they're doing and start to copy them. But something changes. They realize that this is Survivor and at every single challenge, Jeff says, "Worth Playing For?" And with that, Spencer, Tasha, Jeremiah and Jefra win reward. As they head out to reward, Tony tells us that he does not like the split up at all. He's already lost Jefra and no she's going to go spend a bunch of time with the other alliance. He's in trouble.

As the losing team returns to camp, everyone is concerned about Jefra. Kass tells us that her only chance to win right now is to stick with the five she has. She's not offended by Tony's move. She thinks Tony is annoying, but she wants to keep the annoying people. She wants Spencer to be the next to go. As Kass and Tony are trying to talk strategy, Trish comes over but doesn't want to talk strategy right now. She is more interested in some lime and lemon trees she found. She wants someone to come help her and then she'll come back and talk strategy. So, Woo jumps up to go help her, while Tony strategizes with himself. He decides to go look for the riverbank idol that Spencer had the clue for. He thinks maybe Spencer found that one, but he remembers the clue about the special powers idol hidden near camp, the Tyler Perry idol. So, he's decided to search for that one.

We catch up with Trish and Woo getting some papayas. Woo is up in a tree shaking a bunch of papayas that, as Trish explains, "look like Morgan's boobs." Really? She left two weeks ago and we're still talking about her boobs? Um...okay. Anyway, as he tries to move down the tree, a branch snaps and the scene we saw in last week's previews comes to fruition. Woo drops about 12 feet down to the ground. Luckily, the only injury he seems to have suffered is a charlie horse in his butt. SO, we have a little bit of the goofball music while Woo works out his butt cramp. Then, we're back to celebrating all the wonderful papayas. "I'll break my ass for papayas any day."


Oh yeah, and some people are having a once in a lifetime reward. They are being led through this amazing cave. As they reach the middle of the cave, they find their lunch. Tasha describes it as a hometown barbeque. Spencer sees this as the time to get Jefra on board with him, Jeremiah and Tasha. She tells them that she's worried about her alliance, if there even is one. She says that she thinks Tony needs to be the next to go. Spencer asks her if she thinks she could work with them. And as she reaches for another rib "to think about it", their guide comes back with envelopes for all four of them. Through tears, Jefra reads the letter from her mother telling her to not let her kind heart hurt her in the game. Her mom tells her she may need to lie, even though that's not her character.

Jefra sees this as a sign that it's time for her to jump ship and right then and there, the first Final Four alliance is reached. Everyone shakes hands, even though Jefra reminds Jeremiah that he shook her hand once before. But as it is, it appears that this final four is pretty solid and the rest of the group should be worried. Of course, everything will hinge on what happens when they get back to camp. Can they play this right and actually make the move on Tony? I guess we'll see!

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