Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 9

Sitting In My Spy Shack

April 24, 2014

He's the lamest model since Derek Zoolander.

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We come back from break to the second Probst sighting of the night! Today's immunity challenge is a balance challenge. Each person has a pole with a flat circle on top of it. On top of that circle will sit a ball. They will stand on a narrow beam. As time expires, they will move down to a narrower beam and move their hands down the pole their ball is perched on. Last one standing with the ball on their platform wins immunity and a one in seven chance at one million dollars. Right as the challenge starts, the wind kicks up and everyone’s' balls start wobbling. And let's face it; the last thing you want on national television is wobbly balls.

As I was scraping bottom of the barrel for the "wobbly balls" joke, Jefra, Trish, Tony and Kass all dropped out of the challenge. At the 10 minute mark, Jeff calls time for them to move down the bar and move their hands down the pole. Right off the bat, Jeremiah starts to lose it and his ball tumbles to the ground. Spencer, Tasha and Woo are the only ones left in this challenge.

At the 20 minute mark, Jeff counts down to the end of this round. They all move down to the narrowest portion of the bar and move their hands to the bottom of the pole. This is as hard as it gets. Now it's a battle of wills. Woo starts to shake and drops his ball. And as we have been with a couple challenges, we're down to Spencer and Tasha. And just like that, Spencer wobbles and loses it. Tasha wins her second consecutive immunity challenge. Seriously, someone REALLY wants to be at the top of my Power Rankings. Nice work, Tash! As we head to break, Jefra tells us that it's time to get rid of Tony now.

As we get back to camp, it's time to play "it's anyone but Tony." Didn't think we'd get to play this game so soon, but it's looking like Tyler Perry is the only thing to save him now. Tasha tells us that Tony is the vote for now. She's worried about the even number and the possibility of a tie. Tony goes right to work searching for the Tyler Perry idol. He tells us that idols are usually hidden around very recognizable objects and there's a tree he wants to search again. As he searches for Madea in the tree, we join Trish talking to Jefra down in the water. Trish asks her if she's okay and Jefra's response is that she knows Trish and Tony get along really well but that she doesn't feel safe with the alliance anymore. By now, Kass has joined them and Jefra continues that she's tired of his fakeness and his lies and she feels like she's next, since he took LJ out last time.


As they continue to talk, we join Tony on his search. He finds nothing at the tree he wanted to check. He decides to just walk the path and look for something that would seem landmark-ish. He finds a tree with some crazy looking roots and as he digs around them, whadaya know...the Tyler Perry idol. #specialidol

He reads the clue about the idol and as suggested all over the interwebs, the special power is that it can be played AFTER the votes are read. Kinda sounds all powerful. However, he cannot give the idol to anyone else; it can only be used by the person that found it. So, he can keep himself safe, but if they decide to target someone else, he can't help that person. It is a very powerful save your own ass idol, but can be worked around if anyone were to know anything about it. He folds it back up and rushes off to hide it so he can get back to camp.

Back down at the water, Kass is doing her best to talk Jefra out of booting Tony. She and Trish are trying to talk her into getting rid of someone else tonight and then Tony. They are worried about Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah having too much power. Tony joins them and Trish point blank asks him if they can trust him. He tells her to not insult him. She explains that the whole double agent thing he's got going on is messing with their heads. He tells them, in typical Tony fashion, that essentially, he was lying those other times, but for really real this time he means it. He tells them that the five of them (as Woo joins) will take out the other three. Trish tells us that she trusted Tony, but Jefra needed to see her call him out in front of everyone. Talks turn to voting out Spencer, but Kass feels pretty sure he has an idol.

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