Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 9

Sitting In My Spy Shack

April 24, 2014

He's the lamest model since Derek Zoolander.

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BOOM! That's how you hit them where it hurts and give them something to think about. Let them know that on their current course, none of them will win the money. Tony, probably as soon as next week, will now become target numero uno. Trish says that what they and Spencer don't know is that the power alliance called Tony out on all his stuff and he promised that he was done doing all that. No seriously, I can't make this shit up. Trish is so bound and loyal to Tony because...snicker...he said he wouldn't do it again. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! No really, that's what she said. I know, right?

Tony says that there are times in the game to make big moves and times where you need to stick to your alliance to move forward. Now, what Tony is really saying is, "The time to make a big move is when I want to make it. When YOU'RE thinking about making the big move...yeah, that's not the time." I actually agree that now is not the time to make the move. I hate making a move on an even vote. The seven is where a move should be made. I just get a kick out of the way Tony is playing this because every single thing he does is 100% self-serving and these people actually think he's got their best interests at heart. It's crazy, really.


Jeff then asks Woo whether Jeremiah or Spencer should get the vote. He's worried about the hidden idol and they need to be careful about whom to vote for. Jeff asks Jeremiah about that and he says that Spencer is the bigger threat to win this game. Spencer counters that the social game is an issue as well and Jeremiah is one of the most likable people he's ever met.

Jeff asks Tasha how they decide who to vote for. She says that Tony got so angry about the votes last time that they aren't voting for him tonight. He says that's a good thing since he has his bag of tricks with him. (The bag of tricks has a totally different feel to it when there's actually something in it.) Spencer laughs at the bag of tricks saying that he'd like to get a look at what's in that bag, but he hasn't yet. I'll say this, bringing up the bag of tricks again this week is pretty smart. Last week, it was just nonsense and everyone knew it. But now, when he actually HAS an idol, he knows that no one is going to believe him. He's practically daring them to vote for him. And if they do, they are 100% screwed. And with that, it's time to vote.

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