Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 9

Sitting In My Spy Shack

April 24, 2014

He's the lamest model since Derek Zoolander.

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They ask Woo what he thinks and he says that if Spencer has an idol, they're screwed. He tells us that Spencer is a no-brainer vote tonight. He's also worried about Jeremiah as he's a pretty solid athlete. He says that he's worried about where the idol is. As they come back to camp, Jefra finds Jeremiah to tell him that she will not be voting with them tonight. Okay, okay, okay... Jefra, you're a beautiful, charming, slightly naive young lady... but this was the dumbest move (in a season that's been littered with dumb moves) of the year. You told the minority alliance, who you think controls an idol, that you will not be voting with them. Wait, what? You NEVER tell them to scramble. You make them feel comfortable, and then you lop off their head. Wow...that is gonna kill someone's game. Probably her own.

We join the minority three down at the water. He tells them that Jefra is not with them. Also, he tells them that *gasp* he's a fashion model. Spencer tells us that he doesn't see why that was so important it was kept a secret all this time, and decides to use this tie to also confess something to his alliance. He tells them he has the idol. He then tells them that he thinks Woo (Nooooooooooooooooooo) should be the vote tonight. He says that Woo is the most dangerous player in the other alliance and they should vote for him. As we head to Tribal, the questions are huge. Who will Tony's alliance vote for? Will Spencer and Jeremiah choose wisely? Will we actually have to say goodbye to our best island buddy, Woo?

Jeff starts Tribal with Spencer. He says they looked like they were in trouble and then LJ was blindsided. Spencer says the game was shaken up for a minute, but they realize that they're the three in a 5-3 situation. Jeremiah says that he tried to talk to Jefra about possibly joining them and she let him know that she went back the other way. Jeff asks her if she was very impressionable. She says that she was not sure about her own alliance because of the LJ blindside, but that Kass and Trish didn't know about it either, so she decided she'd rather take her chances with being blindsided by her alliance than risk going to the end with Spencer and Tasha.


Spencer, buddy, don't ever, EVER play poker my friend. You have the worst poker face ever. He is visibly disgusted by these remarks and naturally, Jeff asks him about it. He says that if he were on the bottom of the alliance, he wouldn't go back to camp wondering where he stood. He would go where he knows where he stands. He says that she's a fool for continuing to believe Tony as he's promised on his wife and kids and lied to them all.

Tony asks for specifics on when he broke promises. To his credit, Spencer tells him that he's not holding it against him because he's lied in the game too. Tony says that he didn't break promises but that he had to make moves. Spencer says, "I'll put it this way: if Tony and any combination of you guys is in the end, my vote goes to Tony because Tony has been steering this game and you all haven't." As he was talking, Tasha chimes is that she would also give her vote to Tony.

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