Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 10, 2014

What a lovely smile. Trust us, she's smiling.

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They get to Tribal and Jeff starts out with Tony. He suggests there was a huge power shift. As Tony answers, Kass breaks in to tell Jeff that she was the wind that changed direction. She says that she was kinda blasted at first and then ignored. Jeff asks Spencer about the betrayal. Spencer says that he likes big moves in Survivor but that he did feel betrayed and angry. He cops to getting out of hand. Jeff asks him how it feels to have the necklace on. He says it feels good, but his goal isn't to make it three more days. His goal is to win and to that end, the necklace doesn't do a lot for him. He feels good, but could feel better. Jeff goes back to Tony, asking him if hearing Spencer's answer alters his plans on who to vote out. Tony says that they have talked about it and they take into consideration strength, strategy and have come to a consensus in hopes that tonight's vote will be smooth sailing.

Jeff asks Morgan about whether she's a threat. She says that she's not going to win any of these tough challenges and that people apparently don't really like her, so she's not getting any jury votes either. He asks Trish if this is true. Trish says that it is and that you can add in that she does nothing around camp and she could make a list of reasons Morgan would be a good person to take to the end.

Jeff asks Morgan what it's like to hear that. She says that when they first started, Jeremiah and LJ took good care of the girls, so she kinda got used to not doing anything. Jeff's next statement starts off with, "Let's talk candidly...” and he suggests that maybe she's kinda used to being taken care of in regular life also. "Absolutely," she replies. She says that she doesn't really have to work too hard for anything she wants in real life. Jeff asks if it's because of her looks. She admits that it is and then suggests that if every person had the choice to be ugly or cute, everyone would choose cute. She finishes by saying that she's sorry she doesn't work as hard around camp and that she will start working harder.


Whoa...Jefra sighting!!! Probst asks her about Kass. He suggests that her coming over automatically makes her the sixth person, so they don't lose any ground in the game while gaining all the power. Jefra says they don't look at it that way, but rather that they're a chain and everyone is an equal link in that chain. He pushes her by asking how many alliances she's ever seen that where no one was on the bottom. She suggests that it seemed like no one was on the bottom last time. Spencer says, "Yeah and you called us...Tony said we were full of it." Tony chimes in that they're saying it "for different reasons." when they say it, it's bullshit, when you say it, you mean it. Gotcha! Tony says that the other alliance was put together by the drawing of buffs. Spencer points out that both alliances were put together that way and no matter what, someone's always on the bottom.

Jefra tries to smooth it over by saying maybe later someone will be on the bottom. Tony butts in again to say that Kass is in a good spot and she isn't leaving. Jeff suggests to Tony that maybe Kass is playing THEM this week and isn't it hard to trust someone that's unpredictable? Tony admits that is true. Trish is also a bit scared of that possibility. Jeff then asks Kass about the thought that no one is on the bottom and he wonders if it isn't a little disingenuous. To her credit, Kass comes back with, "But we're all on the equal chain, remember?" She says that she understands the game and when she made the decision last week, there was no alliance made. She equates it to sitting down at a table in Vegas with a friend. She'll sit with them, but doesn't mind beating them. With that, it is...time to vote.

Ahhh...we don't get to see any votes, so it's all a mystery to us. The concern here is that it doesn't seem too much like Spencer was able to flush out who they were voting for. If that's the case, he can't know who to protect with the idol. Which means his best case scenario is Kass flipping again and forcing a tie. Things aren't looking good for Morgan.

Jeff's finished tallying the votes. Spencer holds his idol and Jeff starts reading. The first four votes are Tony. Now, that doesn't mean Kass didn't flip, but it doesn't look good. Here come the Morgan votes. The next four are for Morgan. So we're tied 4-4 with two more votes left. Ninth vote is for Morgan. And it's the moment of truth. If Kass flipped back, we'll see a Tony. I'm thinking we'll likely see a Morgan, though. Last vote is...Morgan. Wah wah wah! Ultimately, I don't blame Kass for this one. Flipping on an even number when you could end up being the one to go home is a ballsy move only for someone with no other options. The problem for Kass now is that she is without a doubt, 100% expendable now. I would think she would be the target of the whole tribe next week as everyone tries to take the wild card out of the game.

Yeah, so for a lot of buildup for this episode to turn out with the obvious person going home, that's kind of a bummer. However, for you Spencer fans out there, he had a fantastic episode and is still holding an immunity idol. Maybe next week, he'll be able to rally some troops. I mean, it's 6-3 right now...which means he can easily offer someone fourth place over sixth. Let's see how much he really has studied the game. Next time on Survivor: Tony's over playing seems to reach ludicrous speed and he may have one of our favorites in his sights, Woo. Trish says that Tony is getting out of control. Seriously, you're just now seeing this? He's been 90 to nothing from day one. I guess the difference now is that his agenda might not be the same as yours. So, remember, whatever happens, you all built this. Bed made - lie in it. Stay tuned for next week's Power Rankings and I'll see you back here in a week for the Week 8 Recap! Take care!

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