Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 10, 2014

What a lovely smile. Trust us, she's smiling.

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We join Spencer on the hunt near a stream. He takes a minute to take off the long pants he was wearing to keep warm during the storm. He folds them up, with the clue tucked in the fold, and leaves them on the bank of this stream. As he does this, the camera zooms into the woods where you can just barely see Woo looking on. Okay, this is bumming me out now. Spencer and Woo are my two favorites of the season. I can't have them working against each other. This just IS NOT working for me! Spencer starts to dig in a few spots on the stream bank but to no avail. As he continues his search, he stumbles upon Woo, who has decided to be "taking a walk." As Spencer walks away, Woo hollers that he left his pants. As Woo picks them up to give them to him, the clue falls out. Woo picks it up and takes off, with Spencer chasing after him. As we head to break, Spencer can't believe it. He knows as soon as Woo gets back to camp, pandemonium is about to ensue.

We come back from break and I'm not exactly sure what Woo's plan is here. For me, an idol clue is like guard it with your life. If you're lucky enough to get one from someone, you don't go blabbing about it. But Woo comes back into camp like a winning fighter, hands up in the air and can't wait to tell everyone what he has. Everyone is kind of in shock as Woo goes over to LJ to get his help looking for the idol. Spencer comes back into camp saying that Woo threw his pants in the water and took the clue...who's gonna help him look? So Tasha and Morgan jump up to help him track this idol down. Jeremiah also joins Spencer and they head back to the stream. While this is going on, LJ shows Tony the clue and they also head out. Hence the episode title, Mad Treasure Hunt. I'm sure that's hash tagged somewhere.


What we get next is a montage of every single person searching for this idol. They're all running up and down this little stream bank, digging. Everyone. I'm not sure we've seen anything like this. The question now becomes two-fold. Who will find it? And is there ANY chance they can find it without anyone else noticing. Spencer is thoroughly pissed at how this has turned out. As he throws rocks down, Woo leaves the area to go find LJ and puts Kass in charge of watching Spencer. As they both dig, they talk about how crazy it is that the game has come to this. Kass says that she's not fond of what Woo did, but she feels it's payback for how Spencer acted towards her the night before. And, oddly enough, Spencer agrees with her and apologizes. Um, huh, what??? She turned on him, he calls her out and now he's apologizing? But wait, apparently, as they were talking, Spencer got eyes on the idol. Kass does not know that he sees it, so while she is talking/watching him, he keeps digging around in the dirt as if looking. Finally she turns her back to search; he grabs it, stuffs it in his pants and slowly walks away as if looking for the next place to dig. Off to the side, Spencer revels in the fact that he found the idol without anyone seeing. He reads the parchment that comes with it and it tells him this is a normal idol, to be played after votes are cast, but before they're read. The fact that the paper says “normal” tells me that the super duper idol must still be out there somewhere. I wonder if, in his euphoria, Spencer even notices this. I guess we'll find out later, because, as day 22 dawns, it's time for a...

Probst sighting!! Oooh, it's a test of wills challenge for immunity today. These are always fun. Today each person will stand on a small platform on their toes. There will be a block tucked between their head and a crossbar. As the legs get tired, eventually they'll falter and the block will drop. Last person with the block on their head wins immunity. I could be wrong, but this seems like a real good Woo challenge. If he's as good a martial artist as advertised, he should be able to outlast everyone by a large margin.

In the time it took me to type that sentence, Kass drops out of the challenge. Nice job! Jeremiah and Trish are the next to fall out, leaving seven still in the challenge. Tony reaches up to scratch his head, just enough to lose control and we're down to six. Twenty-five minutes in and they're still hanging tough. Jeff is doing everything he can to remind them how miserable this is as Spencer starts wobbling. But he saves it. A couple seconds later, Morgan loses her balance and falls out of the challenge. And in a complete shocker, Woo is the next to fall. This leaves Jefra, LJ, Tasha and Spencer in this challenge.

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