Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 10, 2014

What a lovely smile. Trust us, she's smiling.

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After several more minutes, Jefra loses control and we're down to three. It should be noted here that when she gets down, Jefra can hardly move her legs. The strain these people are enduring right now is huge. It’s truly a test of wills. Who's willing to go just a little farther than the next guy? Next out of the challenge is LJ. Spencer and Tasha will now fight it out for the win. At the 90 minute mark (yes, I said 90 minute mark), Tasha is completely stone faced and looks like she could stand there for weeks. Spencer is struggling. He's twisting his head a bit; he's moving his feet a little. After struggling for what must have seemed like hours, Spencer almost gets it under control. As he continues to wobble, something happens to Tasha and like that, Tasha is out of this challenge and Spencer wins immunity. Let's keep score: necklace and an idol. Uh oh, this tribal could be wacky!

Normally, I would say that it's time to play "it's anyone but ____________," but right now, I have absolutely no idea who's on the chopping block. I have to wonder if Kass and Morgan will continue sniping at each other, making one of them (or both of them) the target. We come back from break with Spencer getting all the fake kudos from the opposing alliance and then they all gather to do the "oh shit, our target just won immunity, now what do we do" dance. The concern falls to whether or not they have an idol. LJ and Tony suggest Morgan as the vote, while Kass and Trish seem to lean toward Tasha. Tony makes the point - the exact SAME point that was made last week when determining that Jefra was a better vote than LJ - that they have to target the person least likely to have the idol. By his reasoning, no one will give an idol to Morgan, so she should be the target. Trish gets on board talking about how annoying Morgan is. The group finally agrees on Morgan as Plan A. If any craziness ensues, Tasha is Plan B. Tony tells us that even though they have the 6-4 advantage, things aren't as easy as they seem. He's worried about Spencer having an idol and using it for anyone. He's worried about Kass possibly flipping back and forcing a rock draw. A lot of things can go wrong before the vote.


The minority alliance is holding a little pow-wow of their own to decide who to vote for. Morgan wants Kass, but everyone vetoes that. Spencer lays it out pretty well, saying that Kass is the only one who would even consider flipping. He suggests Tony, because Tony is more likely to say something dumb at Tribal that would make Kass change her mind again. Essentially, it sounds like Spencer plans on using Kass's insecurity and wishy-washy voting nature to his advantage. Seriously, kid's got game! He tells us that it's crazy that the person who screwed him over is the only person that could potentially help him now. He has no problem using the idol for someone else, but he has to have a flipper to tell him who the vote is, so he doesn't waste it.

Naturally, he approaches Kass. (Please don't tell her you found it. Please don't tell her you found it.) So he begins the conversation with Kass saying that he's not trying to sell her anything, but if she were to flip back, it could help her from losing five jury votes at the end. Kass, Monday Morning Quarterback that she is, tells us that this is exactly what she expected to happen when she made the move to dump Sarah in the first place. She just knew that they would come back to her to get her in the fold. Really? You really knew that? I ain't buying it. Anyway, Spencer asks her if she would consider it. Like, really consider it. Kass says that she's a free agent and she'll seriously consider any option that gets her to the final three. Spencer goes for broke and tries to sell the Tony vote. In confessional, Kass tells us that Spencer makes good points. As charming as Tony is, you don't want to be sitting next to him at the final tribal. Morgan is annoying and a bitch, but she's not changing and she's not a threat. As everyone heads to Tribal, Kass is telling us how she loves the ambush and the blindside, both in court and on Survivor. She admits that it might not be the best technique in either situation, but she likes it and seems to thrive on it. So, as we head to Tribal, Kass seems to have herself in the pivotal position once again.

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