Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 10, 2014

What a lovely smile. Trust us, she's smiling.

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Oooh, it comes. She made the triple play. She got rid of the girl she wanted to get rid of while she got the guys to play their idols. She's brilliant! Five people may be pissed off, but that's because she messed up their game by playing hers. Um, sweets, Cochran would like to have a word with you about how successful turning on your alliance is. So, yeah, you played your, congrats? Anyway, she has five NEW friends who will take care of her. Yeah, right. She is completely oblivious to the fact that they have NO loyalty to her at all. "Thanks for the vote, now get outta here."

The very next morning, tensions are running high as the tribe discusses who will get water. Kass suggests Morgan should get the water and that she's in her usual spot. Tony approaches Morgan to see about her getting the water. She's pretty irritated at hearing Kass' comments - which, by the way, she said plenty loud enough for Morgan to hear, but not actually TO Morgan herself. Passive aggression seems to be a trademark of Kass' communication. They snipe back and forth at each other and Kass compares Morgan to an old dog that pees on the floor. Morgan compares Kass to an ugly person who's always been ugly and is jealous about Morgan's non-ugliness. So, it's nice to see that the class shown by Spencer the previous night...of not making it personal and keeping all his comments about the game and about the move...has gone completely out the window. What we're left with is a verbal battle between a bullying undefeated attorney who feels mentally superior to everyone she knows and a real-life mean girl. There's no way this will work out well for either of them. There is also no way this will play out on TV and make either of them look like anything more than a cheap stereotype. Also, if this continues, I don't think either "lady" will be in the running for "fan favorite" anymore. The ugliness within both of them is on full display.


Probst sighting! And it's time for the "best reward of the season so far." The winning team will be taken to a Survivor themed *insert product placement here* where they will feast on *insert product placement here* steaks, baked potatoes, deserts and pineapple margaritas. The challenge is a simple obstacle course, really. It does start in the water, so that's kind of cool. They'll race through a series of obstacles until they find a chest. They'll carry this chest to a tower that they will have to climb and then drag the chest up the tower behind them. Once at the top, they'll have a 10-piece disc puzzle tower to build. First team to complete their puzzle wins reward and an amazing trip to the Survivor *insert product placement here*.

The randomly divided teams see LJ, Spencer, Jefra, Morgan and Jeremiah against Tony, Trish, Kass, Tasha and Woo. The two teams are very even over the first obstacle. The next obstacle is a huge balance beam that only Woo seems to have trouble with. That's right, you heard me. The black belt, who already won one balancing challenge, fell off the balance beam...go figure. He makes up time though, and he actually helps pull his team into the lead climbing up the tower. With a puzzle at the end, as we've see time and again, the rest of the challenge is almost moot as the teams always end up neck and neck while working on the puzzle. Today is no different. Woo's team is comfortably ahead, but LJ's team finally gets their box to the top of the tower and LJ goes to work on the puzzle.

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