Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 7

Mad Treasure Hunt

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 10, 2014

What a lovely smile. Trust us, she's smiling.

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As he's shown from the beginning of this game, LJ is the puzzle master and he easily catches up, passes up and wins the challenge for the orange team. Okay, seriously now. "Boston" Rob Mariano, Laura Morett, any player who's ever been good at puzzles on Survivor - they all must take a knee and bow before their king. LJ is, without a doubt, the best we've ever seen at these puzzles. Enjoy your steaks, kids, but you might want to start thinking of getting rid of this guy. As the challenges become more important, one of the last ones is always a huge puzzle. You can't beat LJ, so don't let him get there. You'll be sorry if you do. Anyway, LJ and his team will get to go to *insert product placement here* for steaks and yummy goodness while poor Tasha will find herself in the third layer of hell: being stuck listening to Trish, Tony AND Kass for the entire time the others are at their feast.

We come back from break to join the losing team as they get back to camp. While he tells the other people that they'll just double up the rice and have an awesome meal of their own, Tony tells us how pissed he is to have lost the chance to eat a big fat steak. As they cook, Spencer is the topic of conversation. Kass is wondering if they are targeting him over Jeremiah now. Trish, keeping with her demeanor from last week, asks Kass who she wants to get rid of. Kass doesn't really want to be in that position, but you can tell Spencer worries her more than he should. Kass tells us that no one has actually told her that she's "in" with them, so she still considers herself a free agent. Tony tells her that since she knows all the other people, she's in the best position to say who is more dangerous. He asks her how she feels about the move and she says she feels good about it. Tony then tells us that he hopes Kass is with him, but she's so stone faced; he really can't read her for sure. We next see Tony and Woo talking about finding the new idol. Between them, they determine that it could be anywhere on the island. With that in mind, Tony sets out to find it. We get a montage of Tony searching in a bunch of logical places, but coming up empty.


Ahhh, time to check in with the reward winners. They arrive at *insert product placement here* and are inundated with food. First off is the pineapple margaritas, with *gasp* bacon on the rim of the glass. So, right off the bat, they're happy campers. They move into the salad, steak, potatoes and desert. Spencer tells us that he was so hungry; he didn't even worry about manners, so it wasn't until after dessert that he realized how much crap was on his hands. He reaches down to grab his napkin and whaddaya know, out pops a piece of paper. Not knowing what it is, he quickly sticks it in his pocket for later. His hope is that it's an idol clue as he's in a tough spot right now and could use a break to fall his way.

A storm rages and rain falls as the challenge winners return to base camp. Spencer tells us that as he gets to camp, his chief concern is keeping his paper dry so it's readable. As the tribe huddles in the shelter, he very quietly slips out the back, seemingly unnoticed. But wait, with his ninja skills in full effect, Woo seems to take notice of Spencer's departure. Spencer gets away on his own and reads the clue. It's pretty specific in its wording. This shouldn't be a tough find. As the rain finally stops, people notice Spencer is gone and Tasha suggests that he's probably just out taking a walk. Woo tells us that as a fan of Survivor, he knows that when you have a major reward challenge like that, there is usually an idol clue to be found. He thinks that Spencer must have left to go look for naturally, he heads out in the woods to find him.

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