Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 6

Head of the Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2014

Is everyone bowing down in worship to me, Queen Swing Vote?

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It's Merge Night!! Hello, good people, are ya ready? Tonight is the night on Survivor: Cagayan where the game stops being polite and starts getting real. Tonight is the night we'll see where people's true allegiance lies...for this week anyway. Two power alliances of five will clash, with former Cops R Us standout, Sarah, in the middle. Will she stick with her new Aparri alliance? Will she crawl back to Cops R Us? Or will someone else flip-flop, making Sarah's big decision not so big?

Before we get to that, though, let's get everyone caught up. The game started broken up into three tribes: Brains, Brawn and Beauty. Beauty was indeed, beautiful. Brawn was indeed, brawny. Brains was...well, not brainy. They lost three of the first four immunities and were in danger of being wiped off the map. And then the tribe swap happened. Brains all stayed together and along with Jeremiah and Morgan, have taken over the Aparri tribe. The bulk of Brawn reeled in LJ and Jefra, voted off Cliff and scared off Lindsay and appear to be a solid five in Solana. The only alleged wild card here is Sarah. As these two power-five alliances head for a massive collision this week, Sarah could potentially hold the cards that dictate how the rest of Survivor: Cagayan plays out. One thing's for sure, I love the merge episode because it always has the possibility of becoming total chaos. And with two power alliances going head to head, I expect nothing less tonight. And oh, by the way, the previews promise a COMPLETE SHOCKER at Tribal... so, there's that too.

Before we get to the merge-y goodness, we have to check in with Aparri after Tribal. Spencer is pumped about how Tribal went. He feels they got rid of the most likely to flip and that his six are now super tight. He's hoping for a merge tomorrow, so they can go in with the numbers. The group huddles around and discusses who the first vote should be if they do merge. They decide on either Trish or Jefra...two people they feel that Solana will not suspect. Kass is cautiously optimistic about their chances. She likes the numbers, but there's SO much game left to play. The next morning, Kass and Sarah are talking strategy. Kass suggests to Sarah that she is worried about her. Sarah does not like that people could be worried about her loyalty. She says that losing the trust is what could kill this tribe, not someone flipping. Sarah and Kass eventually shake hands on their alliance and I very much believe that Sarah has no intention to flip... as of now. Kass tells us that Sarah's one vote with them is not enough to prove loyalty. She made the smart move for her by voting off Alexis. Kass wants to see Sarah get her hands dirty by voting off a Brawn member before she'll believe she's loyal.


We come back from the credits to morning at Solana. It's all fun and games over there. Even getting tree mail is an event at the amazing Solana tribe. "Pack up all of your essential items..." and head on over to the Aparri camp. The merge is coming! The merge is coming! LJ is nervous about the numbers disadvantage as is Tony. But they both have an idol, so they're feeling good. Oddly enough, LJ is looking to use the idol should he need it, while Tony is looking to give the idol to anyone in his tribe should they need it. I think that says a lot about this tribe. I think it says that their five isn't as tight as Tony thinks it is. Meanwhile, Aparri gets their tree mail. "You may want to tidy up will be having guests." The merge is coming! The merge is coming! Spencer is bound and determined to remind everyone that even though they're merging, it's still "us against them." If only his luxury item was a copy of The Boston Rob Rulebook, he'd have everything he needs to make it to the end!

As the boat arrives with the Solana members, you can feel the anticipation on both sides. When they land, the first thing they do is hand Aparri back all the stuff they just took from them. They also hand over the merge feast! As everyone greets each other, Jefra finally notices that Alexis is gone. She was like, totally counting on Alexis flipping to her side and now she's not sure what to do. As they unpack, Morgan reads a scroll.

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