Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 6

Head of the Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2014

Is everyone bowing down in worship to me, Queen Swing Vote?

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Sarah is still giddy about getting to make the choice of which alliance to stick with. She wants to stick with Aparri as she feels they're weaker. She says the only concern in their six is the tiff between her and Kass. But she gets to decide who's going home. Um, a little drunk on your own perceived power there, Sarah? I wish you could hear how you sound. I mean, you do now, but I wish you could have heard it then.

Anyway, the Aparri group gets together to discuss options. Spencer feels pretty strongly about Jefra. Tasha agrees. They feel that no one will play an idol for Jefra. Sarah still feels they need to take out a stronger member. She wants Tony to go. Or LJ. Up on the beach, the Solana are feeling pretty confident that not only is Sarah sticking with Aparri, but she's calling the shots. Tony seems to think he can still sway her to their side. Woo and Trish don't think he has a chance, but he wants to try. Trish feels like after the catfight this morning, it might be better for her to approach Kass about flipping. Tony very much wants to talk to Sarah.

Back in the water, based on Sarah's guarantee that Tony doesn't have an idol, the Aparris decide on Tony as their vote. Kass doesn't like the choice. She wants to get Trish or Jefra to secure the numbers and then go after the big boys. But, the group decides on Tony. Later we see LJ coming over asking what he can do to save himself. Sarah jokes that he could give them an idol. Kass then tells us that Sarah thinks she's running the game, but what she's doing is destroying the game. And if the game's gonna get destroyed, she wants the preemptive strike.


Hey, I have an idea, about you dump the rice in the fire? In case you were wondering, that's how dumb you sound right now. If you flip to the other five, all you've done is given up a power position in your alliance for sixth place in theirs. So, by all means...flip and see how that works out for you.

Time for Tony's last pitch to Sarah and I have to be honest. It's a good one. And I'm not just saying it because he damn near quoted something I said just two paragraphs ago. He tells her that if she flips back to him, she jumps over LJ, she jumps over Jefra and she jumps over Woo. And she, Tony and Trish will be the final three. See, Sarah has this option, I don't think Kass does. Tony may offer it to her, but he certainly doesn't mean it. He follows up by telling Sarah that if she sticks with Aparri and they go up six to four that she could be the next to go as they don't need her anymore to keep the numbers (whoa, sounds almost like the advice I gave to Kass). Anyway, Sarah tells him that she has to think about it and that she won't make a decision until Tribal. She tells us that she wants Tony out of the game because she feels he's the biggest threat out there right now. Tony tells us that if he has any kind of weird vibe about the vote that he will play his idol. He will not go home with an idol in his pocket.

And now it's Trish's turn to try to lure Kass. She makes a pitch to Kass that she is on the bottom of the alliance and that after the vote tonight, Kass will likely be the next to go. Trish asks who she would vote for and Kass says Sarah, but she doesn't think they can pull it together quick enough. So Trish heads off to find Tony and LJ to give them the great news that they have Kass. They all agree to vote Sarah. Kass preens to the camera that she has taken the throne as Aparri is voting Tony and Solana is voting Sarah and she will get to be the swing vote. And once again I say, sure, vote for Sarah and lock in your sixth place finish. I will say this though, since CBS has been promoting this week's Tribal as a "Complete Shocker" about the only thing I know for sure is that neither Tony nor Sarah is going home.

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