Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 6

Head of the Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2014

Is everyone bowing down in worship to me, Queen Swing Vote?

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Before we head to break, Sarah tells them that Tony told her she could choose who goes home if she flips to them. *smacks forehead* This is a textbook example of how to turn the swing vote into your own ouster. If she keeps talking, she'll have all the other 10 people feeling like they need to dump her ass in order to save their own game. You're killing me, Smalls!

We come back from break and Kass and Sarah aren't done. Sarah tells Kass and Tasha that she's worried about coming back from that first Tribal and how no one will be talking to her. Somehow this gets the two of them arguing or at least sounding like they're arguing. Trish hears this and without hearing what's being said, determines that they're all paranoid and this bodes well for her. I wonder how she'd feel if she knew the discourse is around whether or not to send her packing? So, Tasha gets Sarah and Kass alone to find out what's going on. They hash it out for her and Tasha's number one goal here is to bring these two back together, for the sake of their six. She sympathizes with Sarah's predicament of having, literally, everyone on the beach wanting her vote.

Kass, naturally, sees this as Tasha totally taking Sarah's side. Seriously? You're supposed to be smart. You're supposed to be this undefeated attorney. How can you not see what's going on here? The only way this six works is if the two of you patch this up and move forward. That is all Tasha is trying to do. If that means she needs to stroke Sarah a little bit, stop being a whiny bitch about it and recognize what your alliance mate is trying to do for YOUR game! You've been together from day one. She doesn't feel like she needs to cater to you because you're not the one considering flipping. For being so smart and in a profession where reading people is imperative, in the name of all that is good, stop being a dumbass!

But she doesn't. She just tells us about how the six is falling apart, just because two people can't agree on who to vote for. This is the kind of Survivor lack of strategy that just chaps my ass. If you have to take a back seat and let the swing decide who you vote for, in order to take control of the game, you do it. If it tastes that bad to you, once you're up 6-4, then dump Sarah. You get your revenge and you still have numbers. But don't throw away control of the game because you're too stupid to realize that you have to placate your most wishy-washy alliance mate.


And with that, it's a Probst sighting! Today's challenge looks to be a super sexy stand on the wobbly platform in the ocean balancing challenge. They will stand on triangular platforms with very small footholds. At regular intervals, they will move up until they are all on top standing on, for lack of a better comparison, a 2x4. One rule, only your feet can touch the platform. Any other body part touches, you're done. First round will be for 15 minutes.

As they move up to the second level, I notice that Woo is wearing shoes. Those toe shoes. I wonder if that will help or hinder him. After 15 minutes, they will all move up to the next level. And after 30 minutes, everyone starts the move to the top. And just like that, eight people fell off at the transition. Morgan, Tony and Woo are the only ones left. As the winds start to gust, Morgan gets blown off her platform. And it's down to Tony and Woo. Tony is very wobbly, while Woo is pretty solid. And given his martial arts background, this challenge was tailor made for him. And there it is, Tony loses balance and Woo wins the first individual immunity. Hang dai, Woo. Hang dai!

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