Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 6

Head of the Snake

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 2, 2014

Is everyone bowing down in worship to me, Queen Swing Vote?

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"Congratulations, your tribes are merged." The clue welcomes them to the merge and tells them of a new idol, with different powers, that is hidden around their camp. Everyone is super intrigued with what could be different about this idol, but you can tell they all want to start looking for it. But before they do, they have to put on their sweet new black buffs. Tony is chomping at the bit to go look for this idol. The rest of the tribe wants to eat and talk new tribe names. Spencer, of the new Solarrion tribe, tells us about coming from one of the worst tribes in the history of Survivor to the merge and in a very solid six person alliance that could potentially run the game.

As they dine, the talk comes to voting out Alexis. They want to know what happened. While everyone is worried about Alexis, Tony is interested in getting with Sarah again. He says that if Sarah sticks with him, he's in great shape. But if she sticks with her new tribe, his whole game is toast.

We come back from break and join a yoga class as Trish leads all the ladies, save Sarah. While they stretch, Tony, LJ and my boy Woo discuss who the head of the snake might be. LJ seems to think the Brains Three are really running the show. Tony tells them that he had a tight bond with Sarah before the switch and he plans to talk to her and mend things up so she sticks with him. So, he gets her alone in the woods. She tells Tony that she's floating right now. Tony lines it up for her. They take out Solana first. Then LJ and Jefra and the two of them sit at the end of the game. He asks her to swear on her badge that she'll vote for either Spencer or Kass. To her credit, she doesn't do it. She says that she's not ready to do that yet. He wants to break up the brains and he wants her to help him do it. Sarah tells us that no matter what happens, she's sitting pretty and she will decide the fate of the game.


Next we see Sarah talking to Jeremiah and Kass about voting out LJ. Kass and Jeremiah think he has an idol. They think someone needs to go first. Jeremiah thinks Jefra should go. Sarah wants either LJ or Woo. Jeremiah is very much against LJ, thinking he has an idol. Sarah wants Woo, while Kass wants Trish. This causes a big ruckus between Sarah and Kass as Kass is taking it as Sarah not thinking of the group. Honestly, I can see why Kass is concerned about Trish. She seems to have more of an in with everyone. Woo is very surfer dude and I'm not so sure that he comes off as that much of a threat in the game. He's a threat to win immunity, but is he really a threat to win the game? Is he playing this game to win? Sarah, to her credit, is thinking Survivor 101. Get rid of the strong guys after the merge. If one of them has an idol, you get rid of the next one. But in her eyes, she can beat Trish in a challenge. She's arguing with the least likely person to win immunity, Kass. If she comes in 11th out of 11, what does it matter if #2 or #9 go home, see?

Either way, Jeremiah's starting to worry that all this fussing could be hazardous to their plan. Sarah just doesn't want to be bullied into a decision she's not comfortable with. Sarah says she never agreed to the Trish vote. Um, Sarah...when you argue AGAINST voting a specific person out, you make it seem like you have something going on with that person. Have you never seen this show? You make your objection so it's noted and then you move on. As it is, Kass now wants to "punch her" and does not trust her even one little bit. Jeremiah tells them to just calm down and when they all get together later, they can discuss it and let majority rule.

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