Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

By Ben Willoughby

November 14, 2013

Every one of these people has been voted out of the game yet Tyson remains. It's maddening.

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Do you know who thinks Tina might have it? Monica. She asks Tyson and Laura? what they should do if Tina has it. “We split the votes” says Laura? as though it’s that simple. “We could split the vote,” hedges Tyson. “Split the votes between...?” asks Monica. Both Tyson and Laura? realize this is where it gets complicated. Tyson has to reassure Monica that Katie and Tina will not find the idol – but without showing her that he has it, obviously.

Tyson doesn’t want to split the vote, because it will make Monica feel on the bottom. “She’s a real wild card, that girl. You never know what she’s going to do and that makes her dangerous.” And in discussion with Gervase, he says that Monica is “super-paranoid and she has reason to be paranoid.”

Gervase talks about the benefits of “sticking with the damn plan.” In interview he says “loose cannons will always shoot off, and when they do, nine times out of ten they’re going to sink something you’re riding on.” He talks about it with Hayden too, and says that “in the off-chance that Tina has the idol, it’s Monica” before saying “you can’t have people go renegade.” Maverick and going rogue are so 2008! Hayden passes this all along to Caleb.

Tribal Council. Probst helpfully recaps that from the results of the last Tribal Council, it would be either Tina or Katie at this one. So now Katie has won immunity, what is Tina to do? Tina explains amusedly that she went looking for the idol, but had “baby-sitters all day.” However, she jabs in that she managed to get away from them twice.


Probst asks about the people who are not Katie or Tina, and points out the seven in the alliance and says “It cannot be all these people,” followed by “poor Monica! Guess what, you’re at the bottom!” I wouldn’t exactly say that. At this point, there’d be no one I’d want to go to the final three with more than Monica.

Monica brushes it off with “that’s fine, people have opinions, and... I’ve had relationships since Day One”, which isn’t smart when your alliance of seven contains yourself, three people who weren’t on your tribe on Day One, and another person that you voted out on Day 13. “So you’re saying you don’t feel you’re on the bottom?” presses Tina.

Monica admits that Tyson and Gervase are together, Hayden and Caleb are together and both sets of mothers and daughters are together, so sure, sometimes she does feel that way. Tina doesn’t let up, saying that Monica is on the bottom as she is always the last one told about voting decisions, and it’s because she “talks way too much and it makes people scared to death.”

Probst asks Gervase when someone talking too much becomes a liability. “Instantaneously. I don’t like wild cards because they can ruin everything just like that.”

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