Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

By Ben Willoughby

November 14, 2013

Every one of these people has been voted out of the game yet Tyson remains. It's maddening.

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Go! Gervase digs right in and is “not messing around.” Has Probst found his new sweetheart? Meanwhile, Tyson spits his up onto his plate. But it’s Monica, that dark horse, who finishes first. Who will be in the final against her? Vytas and Gervase are both down to their last bites, but Vytas can’t quite get there and Gervase has it.

So “we are down to two,” says Probst. (According to the twitters, there was also a cow eyeball course, which didn’t make the cut). Probst has to take Gervase back to his first season of Survivor where the original eating challenge ended in glorious failure. And it’s the very same thing – a grub!

“I can’t do that! Ohhh!” complains Gervase, with his head in his hands. “You know I can’t do this,” he continues before beating himself around the head. On “go!” he picks them up, but misses his mouth entirely. He has to grab them up and cram them in, then he does star jumps to help them down. Monica is taking hers one at a time. “Fight through it, Culpepper!” says Probst. Has Monica graduated to last-name status?

Chewing continues, and then Monica runs towards Probst and opens her mouth. It is her first ever individual immunity win, and someone other than Monica will be voted out.

The castaways arrive back at camp, but it seems like no one congratulates Monica because we are straight into “split the vote” conversations. It seems like Vytas will get four votes from the men, and Katie three from the women.


Laura?, who has no real say in how the vote should go down, suggests the split because of her concern that someone may have the idol, and Tyson has to “roll with it” because he doesn’t want to tell everyone to relax because he has the idol. Vytas asks the group “which one of us is next?” and Tyson replies “Only time will tell.”

Obviously that is not a good enough answer for Vytas, so he has a private conversation with Hayden. “At least give it to me straight. You owe me that,” as though Hayden owes Vytas anything and would be the biggest bastard in the world if he doesn’t give Vytas what Vytas wants. Hayden tells him that it’s either Vytas or Katie. Dummy. Why doesn’t Hayden just say something else, like “we want to break up Tina and Katie”? Is he already thinking about jury votes?

“Give me one more,” Vytas urges. In interview, Vytas says that while he doesn’t want to beg, it’s really all he has left. “At this point, I’ll put Katie’s name down if it gets me further.” Katie arrives to see what Hayden and Vytas are talking about, and Vytas fills her in that it’s one of them. “I think in the end, it’s about not turning on each other. I mean, I’m not turning on your girls,” he says as though that’s believable.

Meanwhile, even though she has immunity, Monica is getting nervous. She rightly sees the plan to split the vote as riskier, and she is wondering why there is a mad scramble going on around camp when the plan is supposedly settled. Instead of Occam’s Razor-ing it and determining that Vytas, Katie and Tina are all trying to plead their case, she believes that the scramble is because it was Monica who was actually going to go next, and now they need someone to vote for instead. Laura? thinks Monica is coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

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