Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

By Ben Willoughby

November 14, 2013

Every one of these people has been voted out of the game yet Tyson remains. It's maddening.

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Vytas seems to have a keen idea that the vote will be for him, because he goes to Tyson and asks if he can have three votes in the split instead of four. Vytas talks about how it would “add a little salt in the wound” to go right after Aras, that “a pair can be dangerous” and that he might be more amenable to throwing his jury vote Tyson’s way.

Tyson accepts that these are all valid points, and in interview talks about his concern that the women may team up into an all-female alliance. He would actually prefer Katie to go next, but he doesn’t want to be seen as a kingpin. Also, there’s a good reason for Tyson to want Vytas out. Voting out Katie would make Vytas and Tina free agents, which provides opportunities to the people at the bottom of his five. Voting out Tyson keeps Tina and Katie in the game as a pair, and everyone in his alliance will see that as a threat.

The five plus Monica but not Laura? go to talk about the vote and they weigh the options, but Ciera says “if we’re solid, it doesn’t matter.” Yes, “if we’re solid.”

Tribal Council. Probst asks what happened after the last vote, and Tina says that she called out Tyson and Monica, and admits that she “should have just kept my big mouth shut.”


Vytas says that he was happy that Tina said all that, because he certainly felt it. As in “F--- you, you vote out my brother, I’m gonna f--- you up, how dare you vote out my little brother.” Vytas really lets the mask slip when he says this, and everyone else seems to be taken aback at his hidden depths of anger. “I mean, I couldn’t say that then,” Vytas back-pedals, but Probst is quick to point out that Vytas just said it now. I get that Vytas probably knows he is going home and wants to get in a few shots, but that’s hardly going to dent this alliance.

Gervase calms things down by saying that he understands the emotions, and when Marissa was voted off he was talking about “throwing salt in your wounds” and “winning all the immunity challenges.” Vytas says that the vote for Aras at the last Tribal Council was a great move, and Survivor is “all about betrayal,” then adds that sure, Aras “had a couple of alliances” and people “intimidated by Aras or myself blew a little bit of air into that fire, like Monica who’s already paranoid – she fell for it right away. Just tell her ‘she’s a doormat’ and she’s like ‘I don’t want to be a doormat, I’m with you.’”

Monica is quick to come back, pointing out that even though Vytas flopped on Brad, she “stuck [her] neck out for [her] alliance,” helping to keep Vytas from being voted out. “You were getting yourself further at the same time,” says Vytas, as though he wasn’t doing the same thing. “This Monica the Benevolent thing is a little bit over-all to win the million dollars. We had a bond, it was ‘I’m trusting you and you’re trusting me’ and you broke that trust.”

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