Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

By Ben Willoughby

November 14, 2013

Every one of these people has been voted out of the game yet Tyson remains. It's maddening.

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“Survivor’s broken my heart twice,” Tyson says in interview “but tonight I think I fell back in love.” Oh Tyson, you old softie! It’s as though Survivor has shown up crying on Tyson’s front doorstep with some flowers and a “Baby, I can change! I’m going to change” speech. He talks about how he knew Aras was never going to take him to the end and Tina had “prioritized Katie in front of me,” so he didn’t really appreciate Tina saying how honestly she has been playing the game.

The next morning, Tina and Katie are talking on the beach. “It’s not looking too good for the home team,” says Tina. She apologizes to Katie for her alliance not working out, and tells her daughter to do anything she can to further herself in the game, and that Katie shouldn’t feel that she has to bring Tina along into anything. “You’re not mad at me, are ya?” asks Tina. Katie is not.

So on Day 22, Katie has to come up with a game plan. “How do I sell myself when I have my mom on the line?” She doesn’t really know how to say “Keep me instead of her.” Somehow, I don’t think Katie will have to say that.

Probst sighting! “Come on in, guys!” It’s immunity challenge time, and there’s a table set up. It’s time for the return of the gross food challenge. “A race to get down local delicacies,” as Probst says.

First up are mealworms, 40 of them. They are live and wriggling in a glass espresso cup. The castaways are divided into two groups of five, with the first three from each group going through to the next round. “Survivors ready!”


The first group is Vytas, Laura?, Katie, Monica and Tyson. Tyson finishes first, while Vytas coughs up some of his onto the ground. He has to pick them up and re-eat them. Monica is done, and then Vytas finishes strongly. Those three are through to the next round, and Laura? and Katie are out.

The next group – Hayden, Ciera, Tina, Gervase and Caleb – stroll up to take their punishment. “They are just like gummi worms, except they’re grosser,” says Tyson supportively. They all down their shots of mealworms, and Gervase is jumping up and down to psych himself into swallowing them, while Ciera spits hers out on the sand almost immediately. Probst says that Tina is making faces “like they are biting her.” They probably are. Hayden gets his down first, and then “look at that,” Gervase has finished all of his mealworms. Probst is recalling Gervase’s pathetic grub-eating performance in Season 1. Tina spits hers out while Caleb swallows his down, and the three men are moving on.

The lucky six get to see what they’re eating next. “What the f--- is that?” asks Gervase. It’s pig intestines. Three ounces of them. And I’m sure there’s some half-digested pig food inside. Actually, half-digested sounds too appetizing. I’m sure there’s some pig food that is very close to becoming pig crap inside. “How are they prepared?” asks Tyson. “Beautifully,” replies Probst.

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