Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

By Ben Willoughby

November 14, 2013

Every one of these people has been voted out of the game yet Tyson remains. It's maddening.

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Aras interviews about how he has positive energy, while Vytas is more negative. Then he tells Vytas that he would be just as happy if Vytas won Redemption Island as if he won himself. “I can’t say the same for you,” says Vytas. Let’s give Vytas some more time.

There’s no time for any more camp life, because it’s already time for another Probst sighting! Immunity challenge! He takes back the necklace from Monica. In this immunity challenge, the castaways will balance a sword upright on a shield, and at Probst’s direction they will stack a series of coins on the sword hilt. When any coins fall, that person is out, and the last person with a stack of coins standing wins immunity.

Everyone grabs their sword and places it on the shield. Then they place a small coin on the hilt. Then a medium. Another small. Large. Medium. Then Monica drops some coins and she is out. Ciera too. Probst does that hypnotic thing with his voice where he drones on about focusing in a way that’s guaranteed to distract you. But it doesn’t work.

Several coins later, Probst is asking for a medium coin to be added to the stack when Tina wobbles and drops the coin in her hand. She is out. Then Gervase’s pile tumbles and Laura?’s topples. Probst calls out more coin sizes as we see shot after shot of sweat beads dripping off Tyson’s nose. Caleb’s stack falls and he is out. Now it’s just Tyson, Hayden and Katie.


Probst commentates that the wind is picking up, but what sets things moving is when he asks for a large coin to be placed on top. Tyson and Hayden both lose their stacks and Katie! Wins! Immunity! and is safe at tonight’s vote. Tina claps, yays and hugs her daughter anyway. “It looks so good on you, honey,” she says about the immunity necklace. They all grab their stuff and head back to camp.

Back at camp, Katie says that winning immunity “feels like winning the lottery.” I’d have given Katie better odds at winning the lottery, so I completely understand. Now the clock is ticking on Tina, who says she has “five hours to find the idol.” Meanwhile, Tyson is saying that if Tina goes looking for the idol, “someone should hang with her.”

Tina doesn’t have any idol clues, except that Katie said it was between salt and fresh water. Katie didn’t even have the serpentine tree clue? Tyson interviews about how it would be nice to reveal that he has the idol, so they could all take naps, but then he becomes a target.

Anyway, Tina manages to lose her followers for a little while, but they eventually find her. “Are we ready to go back and eat?” Tyson asks her. “Yeah,” says Tina, not budging. “Or you can stay, we don’t care.” “Okay.” “We’ll stay with you,” says Tyson, and he, Hayden and Caleb go back into the forest to chat. Tina has to squat and wait until they forget about her. She says she doesn’t want to start searching because then they’ll know she doesn’t have it. But it’s pretty clear that she doesn’t have it, because she wouldn’t be waiting them out if she did.

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