Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 8

Skin of my Teeth

By Ben Willoughby

November 7, 2013

Everyone is happy before the season begins. There should be an After shot alongside the Before one.

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Previously on Survivor, on Galang “the women were in control,” leaving Vytas “on the outside looking in,” while on Tadhana “Aras thought he was in control.” However, Tyson was “pulling the strings... gathering idol information and putting together an alliance of five.” And after Galang lost the immunity challenge, Rupert’s Laura - who told Vytas the vote would be for him to save his feelings - ended up “saving Vytas’ feelings by getting voted out.”

Galang arrives back at camp and Vytas thanks everyone “so much” and says that he “feels so much trust” in this group. He talks about how this group, with Aras, is “my five.” Does Vytas have any other setting besides “lay it on real thick”? “It’s locked,” he says.

Monica knows that five doesn’t make a controlling vote of 11. “So you think that Aras has Gervase 100% and he won’t waver?” “Yep,” says Tina. “I believe that too,” says Vytas. Vytas is more open in interview, confirming that all that trust baloney about “we’re going to be moral, we’re going to be honest” is “not what I feel, but it’s what I’m rapping to them.” I do appreciate Vytas’ ability to remain detached from his blatant cow-plops.

Anyway, now it’s just the four of them, Tina feels that she can be honest. She says in front of Vytas that Monica “has done more to stick her neck out than Gervase has” and that therefore she should be “in the five spot” with Tina, Katie, Aras and Vytas “instead of the sixth spot. Loyalty should be rewarded.” Monica thanks Tina politely. “That means a lot, especially from you.” I speak fluent Monica now, and my translation is “This sucks. I’m supposed to take #5 and like it? And I know this is their plan because it came from Tina.” And in interview, Monica confirms she is less than thrilled with being #5 and will be looking at other options “better than five.”


Well, on the one hand Tina can’t just say in front of Vytas “After final five, we cut the guys and it’s you, me and Katie for final three.” But on the other hand, Tina could have played that better by having a private side-conversation with Monica promising final three. And it would be believable, because no way are Aras, Vytas, Katie and Tina getting to final four and then picking rocks.

Rupert’s Laura arrives at Redemption Island very grumpy. She calls the decision to vote her out “ridiculous,” “horrible” and “non-strategic” and she believes that the six men are going to team up after the merge and vote out the five women. I don’t think Rupert’s Laura understands how important relationships are in Survivor. Trust trumps gender, and that’s why she’s on Redemption Island.

The next morning, the three Redemption islanders get tree-mail that today’s duel will be their last, and the winner will re-enter the game. Losers will drool. John gets an interview about how this duel is the only one that really matters. Laura? gets an interview about how she has to win it, because she needs to be there for her daughter. Rupert’s Laura doesn’t get an interview at all, which is your final clue that she doesn’t have a chance. Cue credits.

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