Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 8

Skin of my Teeth

By Ben Willoughby

November 7, 2013

Everyone is happy before the season begins. There should be an After shot alongside the Before one.

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Kasama is the name of the merged tribe, and now that you know it you can start forgetting it. Everyone congratulates Vytas, who interviews that he didn’t really need immunity, and he never wants to be in a position where he needs immunity. “I didn’t need it today, but I needed to beat my brother.” But he says that he and Aras are the biggest threats in the game, and “no one on this beach has the guts to do anything about it.” Does that mean their sinister-plot-detection radar will be on full blast?

Aras is plotting the vote for Laura?, and he is worried that she may have found an immunity idol that she didn’t have a clue for, didn’t lose when she was voted out and didn’t have an opportunity to look for while she was on Redemption Island. So on Aras’ plan, Tina, Katie and Monica will vote for Ciera and Gervase, Aras, Vytas and Tyson will vote for Laura? He asks Katie if she is OK with voting for her friend Ciera. “It’s a game, beyotch!”

Laura? and Ciera are having another chat. Here’s the gist: “Does Aras have the idol?” “Aras is so comfortable.” “Because he has an idol?” Laura? comes up with some crazy plan to throw four votes for Tina and three for Aras, as though changing the plan at the last minute is going to be easy and not scare anyone. Ciera interviews about how she wants to listen to her mother, but she is here to play her own game. Shut up, mom!

Caleb and Gervase are collecting huge pieces of driftwood when Tyson comes up to confirm the vote for Aras. “King Aras,” “Sir Aras”. Gervase interviews about Tyson’s plan and that he is not sure everyone is on the same page for this vote. However, he cannot wait to see how it will all shake out.


Tribal Council. The first question goes to Tyson, and it’s about how they have the old alliances from the original tribes, the new alliances from the switched tribe, and the loved ones alliances. Tyson says that the couples will naturally want to work together. He oversteps by saying “if my brother were here, that’s what I’d want to do.” Either he forgot that he came into the game with his girlfriend, or more likely he wants Aras to know it was Tyson all along.

Probst asks if this is fair, but Aras dismisses the idea of power couples, saying that for this vote six people have to come together, so any couple has to find four other people that they really trust. True, but when four of the people are two pairs, anyone else is going to be cagey about joining that alliance.

Probst says that the three couples could stick together, but going by Survivor history, Laura? who has come back into the game, would normally get sent right back there. Does that make Laura? and Ciera swing votes? Hayden says that he has to assume that all the pairs will work together, and could possibly be swing votes. Katie basically confirms she’s working with Tina by saying she “came into the merge with an idea of who I would work with.”

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