Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 8

Skin of my Teeth

By Ben Willoughby

November 7, 2013

Everyone is happy before the season begins. There should be an After shot alongside the Before one.

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Tyson downplays the idea of the couples taking over the game, saying that while it’s threatening, it could just as easily be the six men against the five women. There are “a lot of different ways you could cut the pie” and he “hopes to get the largest portion.”

Laura? What’s your best play? She avoids the question by saying that everyone has been avoiding her like the “kid with the chicken pox” but she can “filter through Ciera” who is “a great social player” and is “putting her in check.” Way to make your daughter a bigger target. Good work, mother’s love! Ciera says that the situation is a “total reversal” from real life for her to say “just calm down ‘cause you’re freaking me out.” I wonder if Laura? understood Ciera’s secret message?

Probst asks Gervase what changes after tonight’s vote. He underlines the need to stay calm because the “game can change like that” and when it does, you have to be ready and take advantage of it. Time to vote!

We see Katie vote for Ciera. “We’ve been friends since the beginning, but I’m sorry,” Gervase for Aras, “this is my power move” and Aras for Laura? “might as well vote you down twice.” Probst goes to “tally” the votes, and as expected since we saw Gervase’s swing vote it’s Laura?, Laura?, Ciera, Sierra, then Aras, Aras, Aras, Aras, Aras. With every vote revealed for Aras, you can see Tina’s lips ratchet even tighter.


Sorry Aras, it’s time to go. You will have a chance to get back in this game. “Well played, guys, well played,” says Aras before telling Vytas to have lots of fun. Probst’s parting comment is that there were a lot of questions coming in to Tribal Council, and there’s some clarity now it’s over.

Well, that was a pretty successful blind-side. Tyson managed to put together an alliance to vote out Aras comprising of everyone on the tribe but Aras, including someone Aras thought was a very close ally. All without anyone outside getting wind that something was up, when experienced players like Aras and Tina should have known that seven was too many people to have in their alliance.

And while it may have been too early, from Tina’s conversation with Monica at the beginning of the episode, Tyson was no higher than #7 so it probably was something he had to pull the trigger on quickly. Of course, now it’s “King Aras is dead! Long live King Tyson!”, but at least he has an idol.

Next Time On Survivor, Tina does not take the vote well. “Bravo, bravo, that’s five jury votes you’ll never get.” I don’t know, it didn’t seem like Aras took the vote that personally. Maybe there’ll be one or two votes that Tyson won’t get, but I don’t think he was counting on those anyway. And we have the return of the gross food challenge, and this one makes them all gag. How many gross Filipino delicacies are there?

Aras arrives on Redemption Island, and there is no one there but him. He is still in shock, especially because he was never voted out before. He laments that Vytas is in a “really tough position now,” and he expects to see him next. But presumably Vytas will say “Hey guys, I don’t have any loved ones in the game so I’m in the same situation as you. Let’s start building some wonderful trust together.”

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