Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 8

Skin of my Teeth

By Ben Willoughby

November 7, 2013

Everyone is happy before the season begins. There should be an After shot alongside the Before one.

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Probst sighting! Tadhana gets their first look at the new Galang tribe and they’re obviously wondering “why is Vytas still there?” I think Vytas’ continued presence has to solidify that new Tadhana alliance, because they are all looking for a reason why Vytas is being kept around. Meanwhile, Ciera admits that she has mixed feelings about her mother maybe coming back into the game, because Laura?’s relationships on the returnees tribe obviously “weren’t that strong, and... it could really ruin my game if she came back.” Moms completely cramp your style.

Anyway, the Redemption Island duel is the one where they have to hang onto a pole for as long as possible, and if any part of their body touches the ground they are out. “Everyone is in position, this duel is on!” Rupert’s Laura is already starting to slip down the pole before Probst notes that John should be familiar with this because Candice competed in the same challenge on her second season. Why would John be familiar with this? Did Candice erect ten foot poles in the back yard for them to practice on? Actually, I wouldn’t put it past her.

After 20 minutes, everyone is still grabbing onto their poles. John starts to slide, so he kicks off his shoes so he stands a better chance at getting a toehold. Then he tries to work his way back up. “Now the socks are slipping!” Probst says excitedly, as though the shorts might be next. Rupert’s Laura isn’t even using the footholds, she is “wrapped around it like a baby holding onto her mom.” Probst can’t quite keep the cruelty out of his tone. However, John slips again and eventually slips all the way to the bottom. Everyone claps and tells him “good job.” Who will be Probst’s man-crush now? Is Hayden clean-cut enough?


Now it’s Rupert’s Laura’s turn to slide down, and she even gets below the final foothold but hangs on. Laura? tells her to give up because she isn’t moving. “My daughter’s on the line for this,” says Laura? “Quit telling yourself you’re sliding, start telling yourself you’re glue” says Drill Sergeant Probst. There’s some footage of Laura? having some momentary difficulty to build some fake tension, but Rupert’s Laura eventually touches down and Laura? has “earned her way back into this game.”

Time for farewells. Rupert’s Laura is first, which is utter bollocks because John was eliminated before her. Probst is still bitter and heart-broken that Rupert didn’t play this season, because his intro is “You were voted out on Day One, got another shot and couldn’t get it done.” Rupert’s Laura talks about how she was a “quiet farm girl” and will “go back the strongest woman I’ve ever been in my life.”

John talks about how he thought about that challenge for 12 days, and while he didn’t get to play with Candice he did get to spend two days on Redemption Island with her. As well as another 20 in a nice resort starting right now. Probst wants to talk to John some more, so he asks how Survivor compares to other tough things that John has done. John says it was like his first year at West Point, probably just to keep Probst happy.

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