Survivor: Blood vs Water - Episode 8

Skin of my Teeth

By Ben Willoughby

November 7, 2013

Everyone is happy before the season begins. There should be an After shot alongside the Before one.

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One more announcement from Probst. Drop your buffs, it’s merge time! And wait, who gets the clue to the hidden immunity idol? Laura? decides to keep it for herself, and to Probst’s disappointment she throws it right in the fire. Oh well. Aras and Vytas hug, and then Aras interviews that he wants to go “Galang strong” with Vytas and Katie. He thinks that seven against four gives a “distinct advantage” in the votes, but he’s failed to figure out that #5, #6 and #7 may go looking for better options.

The merged tribe arrives back at camp. “Where’s the foo-oo-ood?” They find the crate and start eating salami sandwiches and drinking wine and rum straight from the bottle. Hayden talks about how he was liking the eating, but he was also wondering what to do – stick with his five and hope Ciera is able to pull Laura? in, or worry that the Laura?-Ciera couple will feel safer with the other couples of Aras-Vytas and Tina-Katie.

Laura? interviews that the “couples have to stay together, because that’s six right there” before going off with Ciera to talk. Gervase and Tyson have a chat about how it all comes down to Laura?, and that Ciera will be working her.

At the other end of the beach, Ciera downloads about her own alliance and says that the basis of her alliance is “having no loved ones in the game.” “So thanks for screwing that up for me, mom,” she doesn’t say. Ciera shares that the next vote is for Aras, and she wants Laura? to be on board and not to talk to anyone. Laura? is beside herself with excitement that she and Ciera are going to decide what will happen in the next vote. “Just don’t play hard,” Ciera orders, but I’m pretty sure that’s against her mother’s nature.


“You going for a walk, Tyson?” asks Aras. Tyson says he is, and away he goes to look for the hidden immunity idol. Thanks to the clues Caleb and Hayden gave him (and never acted on), he’s pretty sure it’s at the giant vine tree on the way to the waterfall. There’s cagey music playing that makes you think he’s going to be busted, but Tyson finds the idol. “Right now, nobody needs to know I have it,” he says. So maybe wear baggier shorts next time? He notes that he’s never had an idol before and never won the show before, and he hopes there’s a correlation.

After the commercials, Aras and Vytas congratulate each other for having made the merge. They set out their path forward, which has the two of them, Katie and Tina, Monica on board and Gervase makes six.

Aras also says he wants to keep Tyson around. Vytas is concerned about an immunity run, but Aras dismisses this due to Tyson’s broken arm. He wants to get rid of Laura?, who “is the scariest person in this game.” “Everyone feels uncomfortable with her,” he says. Vytas tempts fate by saying “if people were smart they would mobilize against us right away... but they’re not going to,” and in interview says “Blood vs. Water should really be called Vytas vs. Aras, because we would have to be real stupid at this point not to get to the end.” That needs a sad trombone sound effect right there.

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