Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 6

One Man Wrecking Ball

By Ben Willoughby

October 24, 2013

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Probst asks Vytas what he can do to make sure it’s not him, and he says “be open, be a little bit vulnerable... and the rest is up to them.” Kat’s closing argument is “I love you guys and I’ve always had y’alls back,” as though they have been through several street fights together. Kat, did you throw a trident?

Vytas is shaking his head, so Probst prompts him. “I’ve heard stories about her not having peoples’ back, it sounds like somebody with their back up against a wall saying ‘I got caught. I’ve thrown peoples’ names out, I’ll never do it again.’” Kat claims that none of this is true, and begs “please stay together.” Vytas says in his smooth yoga voice “we will stay together, and we will stay strong.” Is anyone seriously buying what he’s shoveling? Time to vote!

Vytas votes for Kat, suggesting she enjoy the ambience at Redemption Island. And when Probst “tallies” the votes, they are for “Vetus”, Kat, Kat, Kat and Kat, The tribe has spoken and off Kat goes to fight on Redemption Island.

That was exceptionally badly played by Kat, who has no one to blame but herself. Kat definitely knew that she was on the bottom of her alliance – or at least, she has been sullen and gloomy all season, which makes me think she believes she is at the bottom of her alliance. The right move for her at this stage of the game was to hunker down and wait it out until the merge. But she didn’t follow her own advice of (a) not over-strategizing and (b) shutting it.


But why did the other Galangs go with Vytas over Kat? The question of Kat’s loyalty came up a lot, but Kat is right to point out that Vytas has done nothing to prove his loyalty to his new tribe, and with the “everyone for themselves” stage rapidly approaching and a loved one on the other tribe, doesn’t really have much incentive to. I believe that Tina felt that voting out Vytas would have repercussions on her alliance with Aras, and I wonder if Aras has a standing order of “nobody votes out my brother until I say.”

Next time on Survivor, it’s a “tale of two brothers.” On Galang, Vytas makes friends on his new tribe – he even has Tina’s seal of approval to start making grand-babies with her daughter! And on Tadhana, Tyson is getting everyone on board to vote for Aras. They all say they are good with it, which means it is a certainty that it won’t happen.

Arriving at Redemption Island, Kat’s emotions can be described as “majorly bummed.” She is mostly worried about how disappointed Hayden will be and it will ruin their relationship, because on a “one-to-ten scale of coolness, I just got a negative two.” As she says to the other Redemption Islanders, “No one wants to date someone who didn’t make the merge.” I guess Hayden will be making moves on Ciera, then?

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