Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 6

One Man Wrecking Ball

By Ben Willoughby

October 24, 2013

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Back at Tadhana, Aras, Tyson and Gervase are still making jokes about eating all the food. I think they are all expecting the merge to come soon, and they want to chow down on everything before they will be made to switch camps again. They have probably also twigged to the bonus that it annoys Hayden. Tyson is putting most of his effort into making it look as though Aras is bossing everyone around, by obediently doing whatever Aras tells him and apologizing to the original Tadhanas for Aras’s behavior.

Galang again, and Vytas is complaining again about how “there’s not a lot of play” because “the women have bonded.” He says it in pretty much the same way as when he said “the men have bonded” back in the first episode, so I think he gets the irony.

Anyway, Vytas admits to not knowing a lot about women, but he does know that women like men who open up about their feelings and vulnerabilities, so he tells them about his junkie past. Understandably, he focuses on the eight months he spent in prison as a scared 19-year-old who was presumably passed around between bank robbers and murderers like a pack of cigarettes, and glosses over the time he robbed an old lady for some spare change.

Vytas also talks about his relationship with Aras, and the 13 years they have spent trying to rebuild their relationship, which segues into another well-worn conversation about how Aras is better than him at everything. The women all tell Vytas not to sell himself short. Rupert’s Laura thinks that men who share emotions are “neat,” which is unsurprising because Rupert is all about sharing emotions. She feels connected to Vytas already.


Probst sighting! The Immunity Challenge grunting music is in overkill mode as we have our first immunity challenge with the switched tribes. In this challenge, one pair will swim out and dive down to an underwater cage and open a gate to release a fish trap, then bring it back to shore. Then the next pair goes, and the next one. When they are all back with their three fish traps, the tribe can open the traps and use the pieces inside to solve a vertical puzzle. The reward is picnic day on Survivor.

Going out first are Tina and Rupert’s Laura from Galang and Aras and Gervase from Tadhana. They start swimming and Probst comments that Gervase’s swimming has improved markedly from Day One. Gervase opens the gate, Aras collects the trap and they both swim back to shore.

Things do not go as smoothly for Galang, as both Rupert’s Laura and Tina forget the part about bringing back the fish trap and leave it floating out there in the ocean. “Tina and [Rupert’s Laura] swimming back without their fish trap,” calls out Probst, but they are back on shore before they hear the helpful advice being shouted by the rest of their tribe, and even then they stand around dimly trying to understand for a while. Out they go again.

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