Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Episode 6

One Man Wrecking Ball

By Ben Willoughby

October 24, 2013

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Before the tribes head back to their camps, there’s just one more piece of business. “After 14 days of playing against your loved ones, we’re going to switch things up” so it’s new buffs for everyone. Probst starts to hand them out, and Tyson asks “can I take mine last? I’ll let fate decide where I’m at.” Probst humors him.

As fate would have it, Aras, Gervase and Tyson all switch to Tadhana where they will join Ciera, Caleb and Hayden, while Vytas and Katie are moving to Galang, which also has Monica, Tina, Kat, Rupert’s Laura and Vytas. It’s the weirdest tribe switch in a while, as we have one tribe with all men plus Ciera, and another with all women plus Vytas. Vytas puts on a brave face: “I fancy myself a ladies man, this is a perfect place for me.” Also, Tina and her daughter Katie are on the same tribe, while the only other two pairs in the game – Kat and Hayden, and Aras and Vytas, are split up.

The new Tadhanas arrive to see how crappy the new camp is, without the comfy cushions or the swim-up cocktail bar. “This beach is way cooler,” says Tyson. Then the new arrivals start drilling the original Tadhanas about how the votes went and they spill their guts. They even give up what they heard about John’s hidden immunity idol clues, like that it was on the way to fresh water and near a “serpent-like tree.” Tyson interviews that this level of idiocy is probably not credible, but on the other hand “stupid will be stupid.”


The arrival of “three big dudes” has Hayden worried because he thinks they will eat all of the food. There’s a montage of Tyson, Aras and Gervase helping themselves out and checking out supplies while calling each other “dude.” “That’s my stuff dude!” interviews Hayden. Tyson admits to the camera that it’s a Survivor “social faux pas” to eat more food than everybody else, so he has to do it very quietly. He is able to drink half a coconut while everyone else is out swimming. Is this “Tyson is sneaking food” story ever going to go anywhere?

Over at Galang, it is Tina’s “dream come true to have Katie on her tribe,” presumably because the look on Katie’s face with Tina votes her out will be hilarious. Vytas is disappointed, as before he felt he was in a pretty good position, but now he has no control as he is one of only two Tadhanas came over and the other one is Tina’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Monica is driving Kat crazy, because Monica won’t stop talking about what to do next. “The original Galangs,” says Monica to Tina and Kat, “what do you think?” When Kat demurs, Monica suggests voting for Vytas because she’s not going to suggest Katie when Tina is right there. Kat, Survivor expert, says to camera “don’t over-strategize, all that does is put heat on your back. If you want to learn how to play Survivor, shut it.” Though Monica’s strategizing all sounded pretty reasonable to me. I think it’s more that Kat really doesn’t like Monica.

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